Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas Music News 2011

 Michael Buble has revealed (during a 30 minute U-Stream Video Interview / Web Chat) - he is doing a new Christmas Album!!!

Yeah!!!!!! Here at "It's a Wonderful Movie" - we love Christmas Movies and Music, as well! You know, in a few more months this blog turns into practically everything Christmas!!!! So, there will be lots of reports to come of upcoming Christmas Movies on TV and some in the Theaters, plus any new Christmas Albums we here about, too!

Buble's Christmas Album:

Michael Buble revealed in this interview... "I'm making a Christmas record (album). For those of you who know me and love me and admire me you will know...Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Mum and Dad gave us lots of love at Christmas and that's what I want to give back to people and I get sentimental when I think about it."

Also Revealed:

Michael Buble's Favorite Christmas Song - Jingle Bells.

Michael Buble's Favorite Christmas Movie - Well, first he says, it's got be "It's a Wonderful Life", but then says, no, "A Christmas Story" with Ralphie, but then changes his mind, again, to the original, "Miracle on 34th Street", proclaiming, "I love that movie, I cried at the movie, it's such a sweet movie!"

What will be on the Album?:

According to Buble, "I've got some of the very traditional Christmas stuff that makes you warm and cozy and then I've got more modern songs that you can walk around the Christmas tree too."

Buble's Favorite Tracks on Album:

"White Christmas", which is a Duet with Shania Twain. Buble says he was "inspired by Home Alone, the Drifters (version)."

"Jingle Bells", accompanied by the Puppini Sisters. Buble adds, "If you don't know who the Puppini Sisters are, they're not sisters, but three girls who work really hard to bring their voices together in harmony - and I think it's in such a way that they sound like the Andrews Sisters,...  it's so cool."

Other Songs: Blue Christmas, All I Want for Christmas is You, plus Original New Music!

Why Michael Buble wanted to do a Christmas Album:

"I'll just say it," Buble states emphatically, with a sentimental tone, "I wanted to make the quintessential Christmas Record, I wanted to make a Record, that would out-live me, and I wanted to do for people, what Bing Crosby did for me and that was, he introduced me to the world of jazz and melody and I didn't want to be hip or edgy, I just wanted to make a really sweet Christmas Record that kids can grow up to."

Well, I'm so looking forward to seeing this Christmas Album & many others - when they are released around Christmastime! Until then, I hoped you would enjoy this little bit of "Christmas in July" News!

God Bless!

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(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)
from Christmas in Rockefeller, 2009
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  1. Thanks for sharing this news. I love Christmas music and Michael Buble!

  2. Great news from Buble!

  3. I like his music and movie picks, however It's a Wonderful Life is still #1 to me!

  4. Perhaps Michael should have a go at Pete Russell's "This time of year ( remember it's Christmas )" favourite Christmas song


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