Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fixing Pete - Hallmark Channel Movie


Fixing Pete

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: January 7, 2012


Brooke Burns ... Alexis Boyd
Dylan Bruno ... Pete Mallion
John Ratzenberger ... Clayton
Valerie Harper ... Mrs. Friedlander
Stacy Keibler ... Mandy
Charlie Schlatter ... Marty
Brian McGovern ... Christopher
Vince Grant ... Vincent
Darby Stanchfield ... Cynthia
Freedom ... Jim
Jeff Bowser ... Skeet
Eva Fisher ... Stage Manager
Mercedes Colon ... Taryn
Becky Wu ... Lisa
Saxon Anderson ... Doorman
Sufe Bradshaw ... Janice Taylor
Cameron Graham ... Eric T. Low
Mackenzie Mason ... Naomi
Vic Polizos ... Smitty
Emerald Robinson ... Wing Woman
Caroline Jaden Stussi ... Journalist


Alexis Boyd (Brooke Burns) is a fashion writer who is given the extreme makeover assignment of turning messy, chauvinistic, sports journalist Pete Mallion (Dylan Bruno) into a suave, debonair broadcaster. Although Alexis is at first repulsed by Pete, as he makes changes in his personality and behavior, her feelings for him also change - until they're both madly in love!

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  1. Loved Brooke Burns in Hallmark's It's A wonderful Time of the Year! Who was the designer of the Wedding dress that she wore in Fixing Pete?

  2. Looks like a goofy movie..Liked her better in A wonderful time of the year..This movie I don't think so. looks too corn ball,,

  3. Don't waste your time on this movie Fixing Pete..

    1. I saw loved this movie very much. I wish they would sell this movie.

  4. I think this is a very sweet romantic comedy type of movie! These days, television stations are stuck on scripted "reality" shows with tastless and tacky activities, that you and your family cannot enjoy together. Hallmark is a great, well rounded channel that focuses on values, family fun etc!! I enjoyed this movie!


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