Monday, January 3, 2011

Mean Girls 2 - an ABC FAMILY Movie Sequel Premiere!


Mean Girls 2

Network: ABC Family

Original Air Date: January 23, 2011


Meaghan Martin ... Jo Mitchell
Jennifer Stone ... Abby Hanover
Maiara Walsh ... Mandi DuPont
Diego GonzΓ‘lez Boneta ... Tyler Adams
Nicole Gale Anderson ... Hope
Claire Holt ... Chastity
Linden Ashby ... Rod Mitchell
Tim Meadows ... Principal Duvall
Tatum Etheridge ... Little Jo
Rhoda Griffis ... Ilene
Patrick Johnson ... Nick
Amber Wallace ... Violet
Colin Dennard ... Elliott Gold
Edward Bryan ... Police Officer #1
Mike Pniewski ... Mr. Giamatti


"Mean Girls 2" stars Meaghan Martin ("10 Things I Hate About You," "Camp Rock 1 & 2"), Maiara Walsh ("Desperate Housewives"), Jennifer Stone ("Wizards of Waverly Place"), Nicole Gale Anderson ("Make It or Break It""), Claire Holt ("H20: Just Add Water") and Diego Boneta ("Pretty Little Liars") in a classic high school story about good versus plastic. When new girl Jo (Martin) arrives at North Shore High School, her main goal is to skate under the radar to survive her senior year and definitely not get involved in any of the typical high school trappings. But her plan goes awry quickly when she meets Abby (Stone), a girl stuck at the low end of the high school food chain and favorite target of "The Plastics" (Walsh, Holt and Anderson). After defending Abby against the queen bee of the school and lead Plastic, Mandi (Walsh), Jo is dragged into the very same girl drama she was hoping to avoid.

Movie Review:

Mean Girls 2 may have had stars you recognized from Disney Movies, and was even promoted on a prominent Disney web-site, but trust me - this was no Disney Movie! By far!

In the very beginning, I thought I was watching a remake of Facts of Life. A young girl, named Jo, pulls up to the school on her mo-pad bike. She's in the Leather Jacket and is kind of tough - takes shop class, etc... And then she comes face to face with the popular girls - the Blair Warner types. But trust me, Blair was pretty & popular, but she was never like these girls... that's where the similarities ended.

This Movie was totally inappropriate, like the first Mean Girls, for any family viewing. First of all, the Language... it was extremely bad. After that, there was so much bullying, backstabbing, lying, stealing, deception, self-centeredness, and so much more. The saddest part is that I know this movie is what most public high schools are like.

You find yourself wanting Jo's character to succeed, since she's the underdog in this new school... and yet, you find yourself, instead, disappointed in her, as well, for deceiving her supposed best friend, and her acting like all the popular girls she originally couldn't stand. In the end, she discovers her true self, and who her real friends are - and the truth sets her free... oh, only in the movies.

Please protect your children from seeing this. We need to fill their minds and hearts with more positive, uplifting things!

I suggest watching the movie 16 Wishes or Wish upon a Star instead.

Or, you can see Meaghan Martin, who played Jo, in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.

And, you can see Jennifer Stone, who played Abby Hanover - Jo's best friend, in Harriet the Spy : Blog Wars.

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