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Emma ~ PBS Masterpiece Theatre ~ Jane Austen


Emma ~ Masterpiece Theatre

Network: PBS

Original Air Date: in America ~ February 2010


Romola Garai ... Emma Woodhouse
Jonny Lee Miller ... Mr. Knightley
Michael Gambon ... Mr. Woodhouse
Dan Fredenburgh ... John Knightley
Poppy Miller ... Isabella Knightley
Robert Bathurst ... Mr. Weston
Jodhi May ... Anne Taylor
Louise Dylan ... Harriet Smith
Rupert Evans ... Frank Churchill
Laura Pyper ... Jane Fairfax
Blake Ritson ... Mr. Elton
Christina Cole ... Mrs. Elton
Jamie Glover ... Henry Knightley
Jefferson Hall ... Robert Martin
Joshua Jones ... James Knightley
Tamsin Greig ... Miss Bates
Valerie Lilley ... Mrs. Bates
Veronica Roberts ... Mrs. Goddard
Pauline Stone ... Mrs. Martin
Eileen O'Higgins ... Miss Martin #1
Sarah Ovens ... Miss Martin #2
Liza Sadovy ... Mrs. Cole


from PBS Masterpiece Theatre:

Emma Woodhouse (Romola Garai, Atonement) was born with the sun shining down on her. The radiant, privileged girl grows into a remarkable talent for matchmaking, as observed by her loving but disapproving father (Michael Gambon, Cranford) and childhood friend Mr. Knightley (Jonny Lee Miller, Endgame).

When the decidedly less privileged Harriet Smith arrives, Emma meddles with fate to find her a match, until her flawless intuition is called into question. Dissuaded from more matrimonial predictions, Emma nonetheless continues to cheerfully contemplate superior men — and meets one of her own in the handsome, gleaming Frank Churchill. But after being so busy managing everyone else's heart, does Emma know her own?

A fiercely funny new version of the Jane Austen novel, Emma was adapted by Sandy Welch (Jane Eyre).

Movie Review:

Absolutely Wonderful!!!

I thought nothing could compare to the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma Film Version... I was so wrong!

I LOVE them both!!!

This Mini-Series Style Adaption was Beautifully Made for PBS. They had a terrific Cast and I loved the Gorgeous Scenery and lovely Background Music! All the little details were perfection!

The Most Important thing, however, is a good Emma & Knightley. If they are chosen wrongly - then forget it. Trust me, though, again in this movie, like the feature film, they were perfectly casted and the actors romantic chemistry together was fantastic! Everything about this was simply wonderful.

Emma, played by Romola Garai... was everything you expect of Emma Woodhouse... playful, teasing, lovely, sweet, kind, meddlesome, pretty, clever, witty, and irresistibly charming! She had the biggest and most beautiful smile and laughter... I loved it!

Mr. Knightley, played by Jonny Lee Miller... was also an ideal Knightley... clever, mature, controlled, handsome, self-assured, and confident. There's something unique about the Knightley character - he speaks with purpose or he doesn't say anything, at all. His expressions often speak for him.

The movie, Emma, is not only a Beautiful Love Story, but a precious tale of a family, dear friends, and towns people in Highbury. I loved how the screen writer added in so many more scenes that included Emma's Sister, Isabella...  played by Poppy Miller. I loved her addition to this Movie... she was absolutely perfect in her role. Most of all, I adored her sweet expressions - especially the moment when she read in a letter of her Sister Emma and Knightley's engagement - she gushed and giggled perfectly with excitement! I liked her very much as the older sister to Emma - Perfect, Indeed!!!

Frank Churchill, played by Rupert Evans, was fantastic, too! I think most young ladies have known a Frank Churchill in their time - a flirt, a charmer, one who teases, one who doesn't exactly mean what he says... in short, somewhat of a 'player'. I think Emma was wise to him, a good judge of character after all... well done!

Jane Austen's stories have a way of weaving into them such real people - character traits of good and bad - and yet, you can't help from liking each and every one!

"The Most Beautiful thing in the world is a Match well made" ... and everything about this Movie version was ... well made!!!

"Well, Done ... Emma!"

See or Skip:

An absolute SEE for any Jane Austen fan!


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