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Borrowed Hearts - A Holiday Romance Available on DVD + Movie Review

Borrowed Hearts: A Holiday Romance 

That sweet Christmas Movie starring Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and Eric McCormack (The New Adventures of Old Christine) is finally available on DVD!!!


Borrowed Hearts

Network: CBS

Original Air Date: December, 1997


Roma Downey ... Kathleen Russell
Eric McCormack ... Sam Field
Sarah Rosen Fruitman ... Zoey Russell
Hector Elizondo ... Javier Del Campo
Shawn Thompson ... Dave Hebert
Janet Bailey ... Carly
Kevin Hicks ... Jerry Russell
Barbara Gordon ... Bridget


Hardworking single mom Kathleen is trying to save enough money to buy a house for herself and her daughter, Zoe. But even for someone trying to make a living, she goes way beyond her job description when she agrees to act as her boss's wife to impress a potential investor. The investor, however, isn't quite what he seems, and the deal that ends up on the table is far from just business. Can Sam (her boss) open up enough to let love's warmth melt the ice around his heart? If he can, he might just discover that family and loyalty are the best friends money cannot buy.

Movie Review:

This is one of those perfect little Christmas Movies that you cherish year after year. There is such great chemistry between Roma Downey & Eric McCormack's characters - Kathleen & Sam... it makes for such a sweet little Christmas Romantic Comedy. And Kathleen's daughter Zoe - what a personality... she's so adorable! She is smart and clever... why, you never quite know what she'll say - and she is so brave, caring, and loving to everyone around her. She's quite the little character. What she wants most is for her Daddy to come home and for them to all live in the real-life version of her doll house. Unfortunately, her Daddy has no desire to make that reality.

In the meantime... they are all becoming close to Kathleen's boss, Sam and he is falling for them, too... on the ice and in love! Will business come between them or will true love save the day? It just may take a little help from an Angel to help them along their way.

I don't want to spoil the ending, for anyone who hasn't seen it ~ however, I must say... it does have a very sweet and Happy Ending!

See or Skip:

An Absolutely Adorable Must See Christmas Movie!

Borrowed Hearts: A Holiday Romance
Available on DVD


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  1. Yeah! Borrowed Hearts is finally available on dvd! I have loved this movie for years! Cute cover, too! Can't wait to see it on person!

  2. Is this the "edited" version? I read the reviews on Amazon and people are posting that this movie has been edited for family viewing.Does anyone have any infomation?

  3. I thought this was the same movie I watched and the one I watched had a good ending.

  4. Eric McCormack is adorable in this movie! They all just needed a little lov .

  5. My favourite christmas love story.

  6. When will we be able to see Borrowed hearts on TV again?


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