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Healing Hands - Hallmark Channel Movie


Healing Hands

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: March 20, 2010

Please Note: Due to this Movie's story-line conflicting with the Christian Faith, I will not be adding this film to the Family TV Schedule. Christians believe in Healing, through Jesus, not from a modern day man named Buddy Hoyt - as this story says. I realize this is a sci-fi drama, however, I believe it's message may be confusing to believers and children.


Eddie Cibrian ... Buddy Hoyt
Lisa Sheridan ... Alice
Meagen Fay ... Aunt Beth
Patrick Duffy ... Uncle Norman


From Hallmark:

When a humble man receives a gift he never asked for, he is faced with a life-or-death decision of what to do with it. Eddie Cibrian and Lisa Sheridan – who costarred in the television sci-fi drama “Invasion” – star with “Dallas” and “Step By Step” favorite Patrick Duffy in “Healing Hands.”

Buddy Hoyt (Cibrian) lives a simple life from the garage apartment of his adoptive
parents, Aunt Beth (Meagan Fay, “Mad Money”) and Uncle Norman (Duffy). Buddy works
thanklessly as a school janitor and is busy planning the next move for himself and his fiancée, Alice (Sheridan), when suddenly, one wrong step sends him into a coma. When he finally comes to, his life changes in a way he can hardly believe. Buddy realizes he has the ability to heal others just by touching them, although he must drain his own energy to revitalize theirs.

Almost overnight, the humble janitor becomes the talk of the town, and he finally feels appreciated as more people come to him for help. However, Buddy’s gift begins to take its toll, on both his health and his relationship with Alice, and he realizes that helping others can’t mean overlooking his own well-being. With the life he has waited for now on the line, Buddy must decide to what extent he is able to put others’ futures ahead of his own.

Movie Review:


See or Skip:

I am personally choosing to skip this one.


  1. I couldn't watch this movie in its entirety, not because of content but because of the way it was filmed:almost all of it, even outdoor scenes in broad daylight were filmed DARK!Why do some movie makers think darkness ads to the film when all it does is take away from it.Makes me believe the actors weren't very good and the director was trying to hide their inept expressions.I switched channels when I realized the whole film was going to be like this. UGH!Not worth the struggle to try to make out figures.

  2. Was. Healing. Hands. Filmed. At. DeMille. Middle. School. In. Long. Beach, California?

  3. Premise was much better done in a book called "The Second Son".

  4. I agree with Hallmarks "Please Note" comment. I had to turn off the movie "Healing Hands" toward the end when I came to realize that Buddy seemed to be the source of healing for others. The only source of healing comes from our Creator. Jesus is the source of healing, not Buddy. Hallmark never mentions that fact. A lie and confusing to your viewers. Why is the media so afraid of Jesus? It never used to be so difficult. They want Jesus' gifts they just want to push Him out. What utter pride to deny the God of the Universe His due.

  5. I just recently saw this movie on a strange channel at a friend's house that I don't even get on my cable at home. Was this ever on video tape or DVD? Does anyone know how I can get a copy? I'll even pay for the copy from a private person who may have recorded it themselves? Please contact me at thanks

  6. All things come from the Creator and Jesus. But Jesus said "you will do this and more". We are denying many gifts that have been given to us. There is so much more if we'd open to it. When I said "I go within" I was asked by a Deacon "Aren't you afraid?" As long as we know it comes from God what is there to be afraid of? I happened on this site because I just heard of the movie and was looking for the next scheduled showing and saw this post, that it is not Christian and had to come see what was being said. God keeps trying to wake us up to, all things that are possible.


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