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PBS Masterpiece - Return to Cranford


Return to Cranford

Network: PBS

Original Air Date: January 10 & 17, 2010


Miss Matty ... Judi Dench
MarthaClaudie ... Blakley
Mrs. Forrester ... Julia McKenzie
Rev. Hutton ... Alex Jennings
Mrs. Jamieson ... Barbara Flynn
Mr. Johnson ... Adrian Scarborough
Mrs. Johnson ... Debra Gillett
William Buxton ... Tom Hiddleston
Miss Octavia Pole ... Imelda Staunton
Miss Tomkinson ... Deborah Findlay
Captain Brown ... Jim Carter
Jem Hearne ... Andrew Buchan
Mr. Peter Jenkyns ... Nicholas Le Prevost
Margaret Gidman ... Bessie Carter
Mrs. Bell ... Lesley Sharp
Peggy Bell ... Jodie Wittaker
Edward Bell ... Matthew McNulty
Miss Galindo ... Emma Fielding
Mr. Buxton ... Jonathan Pryce
Erminia Whyte ... Michelle Dockery
Lady Ludlow ... Francesca Annis
Sir Charles Maulver ... Greg Wise
Harry Gregson ... Alex Etel
Bella Gregson ... Emma Lowndes
Bertha ... Hannah Hobley
Giacomo ... Nicholas Bishop
Septimus Hanbury ... Rory Kinnear
Mary Smith ... Lisa Dillon
Mrs. Clara Smith ... Flinty Williams
Lady Glenmire ... Celia Imrie
Mulliner ... Roddy Maude-Roxby
Signor Brunoni ... Tim Curry


from PBS...

Episode 1:
New life is charmingly apparent in Cranford as Matty Jenkyns enjoys sharing her home with Tilly, the daughter of her maid Martha and carpenter Jem Hearne. Familiar faces including Miss Pole, Mrs. Forrester and Mrs. Jamieson surround Miss Matty in a loving community.

Some new faces have arrived as well — Mrs. Bell, her daughter Peggy and son Edward. Mr. Buxton and his son William have returned to town after years away. Young William eagerly aspires to be an engineer, while his father is grieving the loss of his wife.

The railway has crept closer to Cranford, but has been halted several miles outside the village. For it to move any further, Lady Ludlow would have to sell part of her land. Captain Brown is determined to make progress for the railway, but meets resistance from the village residents.

An unexpected and alarming shift signals yet more change in store for Cranford. Can Matty and the women of Cranford muster support for what inevitably awaits?

Episode 2:
William Buxton's big news is not warmly received by his father. William, in turn, decides to strike out on his own in an apprenticeship with Captain Brown on the railway. But the work is difficult, and his separation from Peggy problematic.

The social scene of Cranford becomes the center of focus when Mrs. Jamieson's sister-in-law Lady Glenmire arrives. The women of Cranford eagerly anticipate some interactions, but are seemingly spurned by their friend Mrs. Jamieson. Lady Glenmire, with the encouragement of Captain Brown, takes matters into her own hands, and plans a party.

In the meantime, Miss Galindo is concerned about Harry Gregson, who has disappeared from school. Worse still, it becomes clear he has a very good reason for running away.

The friendships in Cranford are strained when a surprise wedding shocks everyone. But no one can know the tragedy and challenge that await and will threaten the ties of the close-knit Cranford community, putting the women to their ultimate test.

Movie Review:

Captivating and Enriching!!! Return to Cranford
is a beautiful addition to the already well-loved Cranford series. If you loved the original, this will not dissappoint, however, just the same as before... leaves you desiring more. Whether or not there will be an addition, is beyond my knowledge, at

present, but truly I hope there will be!!!

As in the original, there is intrigue, romance, a depth of character involvement and interaction, gossip, greed, love, and surprises!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and truly loved it!!!

See or Skip:

Absolutely, See!

Click Here for my Cranford Review.

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