Monday, November 16, 2009

The Christmas Hope


The Christmas Hope

Network: Lifetime Movie Network

Premiere Date: December 13, 2009


Ian Ziering ... Nathan Andrews
Madeleine Stowe ... Patricia Addison
James Remar ... Mark Addison
Tori Barban ... Emily Adams
Jayne Eastwood ... Charlotte
Devon Weigel ... Traci Adams
Aaron Hughes ... Larry Adams
Alicia Johnston ... Mona
Omar Khan ... Cop
Rebecca Gibson ... Megan Andrews
Phillip Jarrett ... Roy
Daniel Boiteau ... Justin
Sean O'Brian ... Joe
Garth Merkeley ... Sean Addison


Based on the third book in the best-selling Christmas trilogy by Donna VanLiere, The Christmas Hope follows Patti and Mark Addison, a couple in a troubled marriage. When Patti, a social worker, brings home a foster child who has no place to go on Christmas, she and Mark set aside their differences to give the young girl a special holiday.

The first two movies adapted from the trilogy - Christmas Shoes and Christmas Blessing, were acquired by Lifetime Movie Network and have quickly become holiday favorites.

Movie Review:

First of all, I was so glad that the Executive Producer of The Christmas Hope, e-mailed to inform me that Lifetime Movie Network has changed their Schedule and moved the Premiere of The Christmas Hope. I was glad to update the Christmas Schedule with the correct premiere time.

Now, for my thoughts on this movie. The Christmas Hope is a the third movie in the trilogy- following Christmas Shoes and Christmas Blessing. These movies all have such intense moments and touching scenes of sadness, loss, and redemption. It was so sad to see such tragedy in the life of this little girl. Christmas is an emotional time of year and it's easy sometimes to forget it's not all Jingle Bells for alot of people. For those who have lost someone or know someone with an illness, it can be a very difficult season.

Watching the characters in this movie cope with their loss and grief, perhaps may bring some Christmas Hope to others, as well... who are dealing with the same situation.

For some, this movie might be too sad. It doesn't depict a happy fantasy world - just the plain honest reality of life and death. The little girl's mother dies tragically when she is hit by a car... and due to it being Christmas, the social worker, Patti, (Madeline Stowe) ends up taking her home. She and her husband, Mark, had lost a child many years ago. Because of that, they have become distant, but somehow having this child with them now - makes them realize and overcome some of their grief and open up their hearts once again to one another and this little girl.

It is a movie with deep and touching sadness, however it may be therapeutic for some. Perhaps, it will give you some Christmas Hope.

See or Skip:

See, if you enjoyed the Christmas Shoes and Christmas Blessing. Not for young viewers. A true tearjerker.


  1. This movie touched me, and was at a right time,the right place, when I was missing my mom moment, since this is the first christmas without her, she passed away 2 Jan.2011...So the message and song on this movie was just amazingly heartfelt, thank you LMN, Sincerely
    Abigael (Aruba)

  2. Amazing movie and very touching. I sure got some Christmas hope. I just wanna know how Sean died because if they mentioned it it the movie I think i missed that part. But other than that it was beautiful I always watched lifetime movies with my mom all the time but now it's over. knowing I haven't had my Christmas with my mom for 4 years now, it's sad. And the fact that I'm only 13 it feels even worse. I love you mommy! I miss you!

  3. This movie is a three hanky movie but it's so touching I just love it. One of my favorites

  4. One of my favorites. Just love it.


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