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Fairfield Road - Hallmark Channel Movie


Fairfield Road

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: September 11, 2010


Jesse Metcalfe ... Noah McManus
Natalie Lisinska ... Hailey Caldwell
Brandon Firla ... Randall Henderson
Richard Leacock ... Mitchell Connelly
Derek McGrath ... Sam Peabody
Chick Reid ... Lillian Peabody


from Hallmark-

Noah McManus (Metcalfe) has it all: He’s about to start his dream job as a legislative director for a U.S. Senator, and he’s about to propose to his devoted girlfriend. But in one day, Noah’s entire world changes when his new boss resigns surrounded by controversy and he realizes that he and his girlfriend are not meant to be together, when he discovers she's been cheating on him.

Devastated and now alone, except for the company of his dog, Arlo, Noah drives to the Cape Cod town where he had intended to propose. There he finds comfort among the town’s peaceful setting and appealing local residents. He also finds himself falling for the bookstore owner and becoming involved in the town’s heated local election. It’s all alluring to Noah. He’s finally found a meaningful purpose for his life and someone to share it with. But what will happen when he gets another high-level job offer and his remorseful ex-girlfriend returns, luring him back to his familiar lifestyle?

Movie Review:

The premise for this story was interesting... guy has everything - then, guy loses everything. However, the story from there seemed too easy and predictable.

First of all, there is this 30 year old guy, Noah McManus (played by Jesse Metcalfe)- and in one day he gets a job with a popular Senator and that night he proposes to his girlfriend, who has been manipulating him into doing so.

By the next day, though, everything has changed, Noah discovers his live-in girlfriend/fiance is having an affair - so the engagement is off and the new job he was about to take with a Senator will not take place, due to scandal.

Noah then rushes off to a Cape Cod Island, where he and his girlfriend were to spend the weekend together and he must go there because he has shipped her engagement ring there and he has to retrieve it. After losing his job, he needs the money.

Soon after coming to the town, Noah becomes involved in their small town politics. I just loved all the people in this small town - they all seemed so sweet and loyal to their country and community. One man, Sam, the owner of the local B&B, would go out everyday and proudly place the American flag on it's pole.

Just a day or two after his engagement is over, Noah tells Sam and his wife, that he has met someone. He is instantly attracted to Hailey, a local book shop owner, and there is a sweet chemistry between the two - but it just seems too soon after his engagement was only broken hours before.

It takes a while, but eventually Noah becomes more and more involved in their small town politics... and many of the townspeople decide they want Noah to run for Town Manager. In the end, we never learn who wins, I guess it is just presumed that Noah will win. And it ends, with Noah and Hailey kissing by the sea.

See or Skip:

I must suggest skipping this one.

Pictures from:
Hallmark Channel Crown Media


  1. Thanks for this summary. I'll check out this movie.

  2. I liked the movie but I didn't like that there was an affair going on in the movie and some very intense kissing. It is suppose to be a Hallmark family film.


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