Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride


A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride:
Lifetime Channel Movie for Christmastime.


Lorette Clow ... Liz Sandor
Joanna Garcia ... Roxanne
Christy Greene ... Jessica
James D. Hopkin ... Martin Sandor
Chantal Perron ... Tish
Luke Perry ... Charlie
Helen Shaver ... Rose
Myrna Vallance ... Angry Bride
Kenneth Welsh ... Jack


from Lifetime-

A twenty-something wedding planner disapproves of her mothers whirlwind romance. Unable to stop her mothers wedding, she decides to take control of it. There are disasters as plans go awry and moments of heartfelt emotion, as the daughter learns that letting go works both ways.

Movie Review: (May Contain Spoilers)

This movie was a bit off the wall. The Mother (Rose) went to Paris and came back with a completely different attitude and a fiance who she was madly in love with, in spite of the two barely knowing one another.

The daughter (Roxanne) has an old relationship with the boy next door (Dillion) who has returned and wants to get back together. He never explains why he left years ago when they were engaged - yet, he wants a second chance. Please! And... by the way... who dressed this guy? He wore the strangest tight sweater cardigans with mallard ducks on them and stocking knit hats.

The Mother and her Fiance are over the top - kissing in almost every scene they are in. It was too much to take.

Roxanne is disturbed about this new man replacing her father and her Mother moving away and leaving her to run their Bridal Shop. Later in the movie... the Mother reveals that her father wasn't a good husband and had cheated on her many times. Well, her father had passed away years ago in a car accident - so he's not here to defend himself and suddenly the daughter is calling her Mother's new fiance - Dad.

Luke Perry's character was interesting.. He didn't want his father to marry Rose and he did almost anything and everything to stop it, yet... he was at the wedding celebrating. Didn't understand that. And Jason Priestley (his 90210 buddy) had a small part at the beginning of the movie - playing a groom making out with another girl in a closet on the day of his wedding.

Definitely an odd movie.

See or Skip:

I say Skip this one.

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