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Hallmark Channel Original Movie

Original Air Date: March 6, 2010


Julie Benz ... Johnetta “Johnny” Prentis’
Scott Elrod ... Chef Andrew Browning
JoBeth Williams ... Sophia
Elliott Gould ... Paul


from the Hallmark Channel:

Johnetta “Johnny” Prentis’ (Julie Benz, “The Long Shot”) world is turned upside down in beautiful and scenic wine country. Johnny is a high-powered executive on the fast track and definitely not looking to fall in love. When a business conference takes her to wine country she meets handsome widower and Chef Andrew Browning (Scott Elrod, “Men in Trees”). Over the weekend, Johnny loses her job when her company is taken over by a competitor. Andrew invites Johnny home to meet his family, and in helping his parents’ winery, she begins to fall in love with him and his family. When Johnny is offered another high-powered position, she must choose between Andrew and her highly ambitious career. Also stars JoBeth Williams (“A Chance of Snow”) and Elliott Gould (“Ocean’s Thirteen”).

A romantic comedy about finding a passion that isn’t a paycheck.

Movie Review:

This is a very decent Hallmark movie. My only caution would be some drinking. The story is based upon a family vineyard so there is drinking of wine. Noone was ever intoxicated, though.

Other than that, it was a very nice movie about learning to Love - whether it be moving on from losing someone and letting yourself fall in love again or letting go of being a slave to your work... This movie was all about finding love and following your heart. The story was simple and sweet.

The best line in the movie was when Andrew Browning and (Johnetta) Johnny Prentis are having a quiet conversation at his parents' home. He shares with her... "You know, my Mother likes to say... You can make all the plans you want , but God has made His, and doesn't feel the need to check in with you." He goes on to talk about losing his wife to Cancer and how his Faith continues to help him through it. This was a touching scene and I pray it gives hope to those who are grieving.

A Note to Hallmark on this Movie and Elevator Girl, a few times the background music was so loud, our family couldn't hear the dialogue in the scene. Luckily, we recorded the show and were able to rewind to re-capture what was said.

Thank you for another Hallmark Channel Family Friendly Film!

See or Skip:

See... sweet movie!



  1. I am so happy I recorded this movie, because sometimes you miss what is being said with backround music a little loud. one scene in particular when scott elrod is playing football with his son, you cannot hear what he is saying.

  2. I agree, I also taped this movie and used the close caption program. It was much better to understand what dad and son were saying to each other while playing football. What a great scene that was.

  3. I just watched this movie for the first time and I agree on the loud music drowning out the dialogue. This seems to occur on quite a few of the Hallmark movies. They need to tone down that background music.

    The close caption is a great idea, thanks for sharing! Instead of constantly rewinding and turning up the volume I will just turn on the close caption.

  4. Do you know the title of the music ? " i tel myself...."

  5. Anyone know where I can purchase "Uncorked" with Julie Benz and "Flower Girl" with Marla Sokoloff?

  6. Me too, Does anybody know where you can purchase the movie "uncorked" hallmarck movie with Julie Benz and Scott Elrod?


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