Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Sandlot 3 - Heading Home


The Sandlot 3 - Heading Home:
this is the third sequel to the Sandlot Movie Series. This movie stars Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210).


Danny Nucci ... Benny Rodriguez
Luke Perry ... Tommy Santorelli
Keanu Pires ... Young Tommy
Sarah Deakins ... Sara Santorelli
Chauncey Leopardi ... Squints
Brandon Olds ... Two Ton
Cole Heppell ... D.P.
Kai James ... Timber
Ryan Drescher ... Wings
Cainan Wiebe ... Ryan
Meshach Peters ... Q
Samuel Patrick Chu ... Wok
Renzo Carbonel ... Roll
Chris Gauthier ... Officer Pork Chop
Paul Jarrett ... Earl Needman


from DVD cover-

Take the field with a new lineup of scrappy sandlot sluggers! Starring Luke Perry as a pampered pro athlete who rediscovers his love for the game, The Sandlot: Heading Home is a pulse-pounding and heartwarming tale about losing your ego, putting your friends first...and winning it all!

Major league baseball superstar Tommy Santorelli (Perry) racks up great numbers at the plate, but his "me-first" attitude drags his team down. But Tommy gets a second chance when he's knocked unconscious by a pitch and wakes up as a 12-year-old on his childhood playing field...the sandlot! Now, with a greedy developer, Earl Needman, threatening to bulldoze the sandlot unless Tommy's ragtag friends can beat Needman's much-better team, Tommy must decide whether to put his own interests first by switching teams...or stay true to his friends by leading them to their greatest victory yet!

Movie Review:

This is such a cute and fun movie series for boys and girls... and grown-ups, too! Especially, if you ever played or loved baseball... then this is the movie for you!

The first two Sandlot Movies have one major issue... Language. I didn't notice this, at all, in this third movie. Perhaps they decided to keep it PG - for the audience the movie is intended for.

I loved how they actually brought two of the original boys back from the first movie... they are all grown up, but looked still very much the same. That was a wonderful addition to this very cute baseball movie.... with great acting by the kids, terrific scenes of baseball playing, and it has many neat links to the first movie... so grab the popcorn and have a Family Movie Night!

See or Skip: See, it's Baseball... as American as Apple Pie!

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