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Saturday, September 12, 2009




ABCfamily Movie starring Nora Zehetner (Everwood) as Princess Ithaca and Kip Pardue (Remember the Titans)


Nora Zehetner ... Ithaca
Kip Pardue ... William
Matthew Edison ... Louis Baxter
Deborah Grover ... Nana
Mallory Margel ... Phoenix
Mayko Nguyen ... Sophie Baxter
Shileen Paton ... Mermaid


from ABCfamily-

“Princess” is a fairytale romance between William, a young man who is lost in life, and the beautiful Princess Ithaca who is cloaked in a mystery that will soon surround William. Their chance meeting at her castle starts them on a journey of intrigue and romance when their two worlds collide as they help one another find their true calling.

William Humphries (Kip Pardue), a twenty something former golden boy currently unemployed and in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, finds himself crashing with Louis and Sophie, his best friends who are expecting a baby. On a whim, William accompanies Louis to an endangered species charity event hosted by the mysterious Princess Ithaca (Nora Zehetner) – an eccentric local legend who is seen out in public only once a year, always in a sparkling tiara and fairy princess gown.

Already in awe of her magnificent castle grounds, nothing prepares William for meeting the stunningly beautiful Ithaca. Later that evening, he manages to have a dance with her, but as they stare into each other’s eyes William’s nerves get the best of him. When he uses a cheesy pick up line, the Princess misunderstands and becomes convinced that William is actually someone she’s been desperate to find – “The Searcher.” Her intensity and conviction leave him speechless and unable to tell her that he is not the man she’s looking for.

William continues to hide the truth as he pursues her romantically, at first as a means to get into the social pages, but later, because, against his own better judgement, he’s falling in love with her. What William discovers is that the beautiful Ithaca is a real life magical princess – from the fairy gowns she wears to the bluebirds that perch on her shoulder. After a visit to her castle in which he is attacked by one mythological creature and invited to witness the birth of another, William learns that Ithaca is The Healer of all the sick and frightened mythical creatures of the world, from unicorns and mermaids to things that go bump in the night.

But Princess Ithaca’s term as The Healer ends on her 25th birthday, and with it goes her power to communicate with the exotic menagerie – some of whom can be dangerous if left to their own devices. The Searcher’s role – the job she thinks William is performing – is to help her find the next generation’s Healer – the next orphaned Princess to whom Ithaca will pass the torch. But the clock is ticking, wasted by William’s deception. As Williams finds himself drawn deeper into Ithaca’s mystery and the drama unfolding around him, his feelings for Ithaca grow, along with the stakes should he fail in his quest. If the deadline passes, all will be lost – no more magical creatures, no more Princesses and the saddest loss of all – no more true love.

Movie Review:

As much as I love all the Disney Princess Animations... as every girl grows up with them -- dreaming and pretending to be a Fairy Tale Princess, and I truly enjoyed the Disney Movie, Enchanted......

But this movie, Princess, brought to us by ABCfamily, was completely not to my liking. I loved all of the princess ball gowns, and the beauty of her castle; however, I did not enjoy the storyline of mythological (some pretty scary) creatures and that this princess was their "Healer". As a Christian, this part of the story did not fit with my values and belief of Jesus, as our Healer. Overall, in my opinion, it was not a very interesting or entertaining fairy-tale.

See or Skip:

Unless you like Science-Fiction stuff... I recommend Skipping this one!

See Enchanted, Cinderella, or Princess Diaries, instead!

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