Thursday, September 10, 2009

Loving Leah


Loving Leah:
Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie


Lauren Ambrose ... Leah Lever
Adam Kaufman ... Jake Lever
Mercedes Ruehl ... Janice Lever
Susie Essman ... Malka
Ricki Lake ... Gerry
Natasha Lyonne ... Esther
Christy Pusz ... Carol


from Hallmark-

Jake Lever (Kaufman) is an ambitious, good-looking doctor. Leah (Ambrose) has never left her Brooklyn neighborhood. Although Leah is Jake’s sister-in-law, they barely know each other. That changes when she is suddenly widowed. To honor the memory of his brother, Jake agrees to marry Leah in accordance with an all-but-forgotten Jewish law. It’s strictly platonic, but they must convince their respective mothers (Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Susie Essman and Ruehl). As the deceptions and secrets increase, so do the surprises.

Movie Review:

Okay, the movie was decent - with nothing objectional for family viewing. There was a lot of scenes regarding the Jewish religion. Everything was fairly innocent. The male lead, Jake Lever , implied a few times that he was a sinner or not religious... but we never saw him "in the act", so to speak.

This movie moved at a rather slow pace. It was fairly interesting but not very entertaining. I dislike being critical, but I imagine a lot of folks fell asleep on the couch watching this one.

The main female character, Leah Lever, was strict to her religion... which is a great quality. However, I did find her ugly wig to be annoying and didn't quite understand her transformation later in the movie. Was the red hair her real hair or just another wig?

Also, I am a romantic... but this love story didn't seem to capture me. I guess it was hard to be happy for the couple who was now in love because I could only think about the poor brother who Leah was married to before... who had to die for them to find one another.

See or Skip:

I say skip this one.......


  1. Well, i loved the movie, the red hair was her real hair and she also explained as to why she wore a wig. I have seen this movie many times and i don't get tired of seeing it. I would recommended. LOVE IT!

  2. Joining the person above me - absolutely love this, I think the pacing is wonderful and really grabs you in, it's a lot more subtle and complicated than your typical Hallmark movie and really beautifully done. Totally recommend this one.

  3. LOVE THIS Movie alot!!:)

  4. this is my favorite of the hallmark movies because it integrates faith so beautifully, and is in my opinion one of the most unique- I am not jewish but found the handling of Leah's worship beautiful. thank you, Rebecca

  5. i was on youtube and saw this movie at the side so clicked it and watched it - i loved it and am about to watch it all over again right now because i thought it was great. I also was a bit confused about whether the long hair was her hair or the other wig because it looked like she had two wigs but i did understand why she wore the wig. I found the film amazing but i love lots of religious movies however not really religious my self. I also love the Love Comes Softly saga's and when calls the heart

    1. Religious Jewish married women wear wigs or cover their hair with a scarf or hat because they are supposed to be modest and unavailable to men who are not their husband. Leah had several wigs - short and shoulder length in addition to red and brown. Her natural hair was long and red. Also not sure if you noticed that her clothes were longer length skirts and long to 3/4 sleeve. Again, the modesty, until she purchased the dress for the party. Hope this helps

  6. Loved it too. I'm a sap for Hallmark movies.

  7. Absolutely LOVE this movie! I remember when it first came out, I loved it then and I love it now! Such a sweet love story. I also enjoyed how the Lord had a hand in bringing them together. I thought it was sweet how the Rabi brother loved his brother, Jake, so much that he gave is blessing and "made a way" for him to be truly happy--Loving Leah. The relationship between Jake and Leah is much the same feel as "Love Comes Softly," gradual and natural. This movie never gets old! I recommend it to all; great for high school and older!! Give it a chance, I know I wasn't disappointed!


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