Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hatching Pete


Hatching Pete:

Three talented young actors, each a familiar face to Disney Channel viewers, Jason Dolley ("Cory in the House"), Mitchel Musso ("Hannah Montana" and "Phineas and Ferb") and Tiffany Thornton ("Sonny With A Chance"), cross over to star in the comedy "Hatching Pete," a Disney Channel Original Movie.


Jason Dolley ... Pete Ivey
Mitchel Musso ... Cleatus Poole
Tiffany Thornton ... Jamie Wynn
Josie Loren ... Angela Morissey
Brian Stepanek ... Coach Madden


from Disney Channel

In “Hatching Pete,” Pete Ivey (played by Dolley) is a quiet and often overlooked 16-year-old who must substitute in for his outgoing best friend Cleatus Poole (played by Musso) when Cleatus cannot complete his duties as their high school mascot, a chicken.

The chicken mascot, with Pete anonymously behind the mask, soon becomes the main attraction at school, but no one knows it is not Cleatus in the suit. Once it’s revealed that Cleatus is not in the costume, it is up to Pete to decide if he is willing to step into the spotlight.

Movie Review:

It's a silly, yet sweet, Disney Movie. The movie was decent for kids and families and there was a good message about being yourself. It felt more like an afternoon after-school special. Kids who love the Disney Channel and all the Disney characters... will probably enjoy this, too!

See or Skip: See, decent family film.

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