Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear Prudence


Dear Prudence

Hallmark Channel Movie starring Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman). *Note: Not Suitable for young viewers - due to Murder Mystery Content.


Jane Seymour ... Prudence
Ryan Cartwright ... Nigel
Tantoo Cardinal ... Rose
Jamey Sheridan ... Eddie
Colin Campbell ... Jack
James Cott ... Phillip
Rob Stewart ... Doug

from Hallmark-

In “Dear Prudence,” Seymour stars as Prudence McCoy, a humorous, Martha Stewart-like TV personality, well known for her ingenious PruPointers™ program of homespun remedies for a variety of life’s little problems.

When her series wraps for the season, Prudence escapes on a much-needed vacation from her work-driven life. She ends up in Wyoming, as the guest at a lodge her mother used to frequent when the elder Mrs. McCoy was the country’s best known advice columnist. When the lodge owner’s son turns up dead of an apparent suicide, Prudence suspects foul play. She calls on Nigel Forsythe III (Ryan Cartwright, BBC’s “Hardware”), the genius scientist she works with on all her renowned PruPointers™, to join her in Wyoming and help her discern the truth.

Eddie Duncan (Sheridan), a local detective, is not impressed with her amateur detective skills, while Doug Craig (Rob Stewart, “Painkiller Jane”), a prominent lawyer, tries to steer her in another direction about who JR really was. Both men can’t help being drawn to Prudence and her warmth and smarts.

As Prudence gets closer to discovering the truth and the major financial windfall someone stands to gain, she realizes that one of these men has been lying to her, and she and Nigel may be in danger. While making some unexpected discoveries about her mother, Prudence begins to reexamine her own life and choices -- choices that could possibly include Eddie or Doug and most certainly require that she heed one of her own PruPointers: “Follow your heart."

Movie Review:
(May include SPOILERS)

Prudence McCoy is an enjoyable, witty, and clever - novice detective... while working alongside a real detective and her male personal assistant. There is a Murder to be solved - so it is not a good movie for children. Though, I pretty much figured who the bad guys would be in the first 5 - 10 minutes, I still enjoyed the journey of watching Prudence and others discover the truth.

The story is based around a portion of land owned by Native Americans.... Their beliefs are mentioned, as well as their prayers to the spirits.

Also.... along the way of discovering the truth, Prudence and her friend are in danger, and hit a man over the head with a lamp. Prudence also discovers, in returning to her Mother's Vacation Retreat, that she had a "Lover" after her father had passed away. I found this to be an un-necessary addition to the storyline.

Otherwise, this was a truly fun and intriging adventure. I enjoyed the relationship between Prudence and the Detective. They had great chemistry together. Their scenes were all decent and fun.

Prudence's assistant was also very likable... a bit on the nerdy side, but still really clever and adorable. What he has gained in his studies - he lacks grately in his human relations... but begins building on that as the movie goes along. He made me laugh out loud many times... with his book smarts and interesting theories and gadgets.

This is only a guess... but I feel there may be more Prudence movies to follow in this series. Well written and fun to watch!

See or Skip:

See, if you enjoy a fun Mystery.

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  1. I'd like to purchase the dvd Dear Prudence but can't find it. Is it available anywhere?


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