Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Charlie and Me


Charlie & Me:

Tom Bosley (Father from Happy Days) stars in this Grandfather & Grandaughter Hallmark Story.


Tom Bosley ... Charlie
Jordy Benattar ... Casey
James Gallanders ... Jeffrey
Barclay Hope ... Dr. Robert Graham
Cara Pifko ... Dr. Fran Gilford
Michael McLachlan ... Officer
Hannah Fleming ... Jenna
Tyler Stentiford ... James



(from the Hallmark Channel)

Emmy® Award nominee Tom Bosley (“Happy Days”) stars in the story of a young girl’s beloved grandfather who suffers a heart-attack only to then use the would-be tragedy to help repair all the broken hearts around him.

Charlie Baker’s failing heart and ailing health would send many people into despair with the knowledge that their days are numbered. But not Charlie, who wastes no time with self-pity. There are still many things he wants to accomplish in regards to Casey (Jordy Benattar, “Fallen Angel”), his feisty 12-year-old granddaughter, and Jeffrey (James Gallanders, “Earthstorm”), Casey’s workaholic, widowed father. It won’t be easy, but Charlie’s warmth, wit and wisdom might just rub off in this touching tale of death and life, grief and joy.


Movie Review:

(My Review may contain a Spoiler)

This movie was interesting as it showed the strong relationship between a Grandaughter and her Grandfather, who has a heart condition. Casey is afraid to give a speech in school and Charlie, the Grandfather needs his families' support to face his health problems.

I wish there had been more of a relation between Charlie and his son... and at the end of the movie... (SPOILER).... Charlie passes away. Then the story fast - forwards to the future in a short clip at the end, showing us that Casey is all grown up and in Medical Training.

The acting is Excellent, and the relationship between the Grandfather and Grandaughter is precious, but I'm just not fond of a sad ending.

See or Skip:
See, but keep the tissues close

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  1. This movie is amazing! Anyone with a heart will love this movie. The relationship between the grandfather and granddaughter is something that we all want but most of us do not have. I have shared this movie with my friends and have requested it to be purchased by our library system.


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