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In the Key of Love - a Hallmark Channel Movie starring Laura Osnes, Scott Michael Foster & Andrea Brooks!


Movie: In the Key of Love

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: March 21, 2020


Laura Osnes ... Maggie Case
Scott Michael Foster ... Jake Collins
Shannon Chan-Kent ... Sasha
Andrea Brooks ... Jennifer Collins
Thomas Cadrot ... Kyle
Colleen Winton ... Evelyn
Peter Bryant ... Mayor McCready
April Cameron ... Lindsay
Devon Alexander ... Derek
Sarah Hayward ... Tricia
Shaine Jones ... Kev
Zenia Marshall ... Ashleigh
Marco Soriano ... Julio
Bruce Blain ... Motorboat Driver


Storyline via Hallmark: Maggie, a former musician and singer who’s now a wedding photographer on Piedmont Island, has to confront her past when Jake, her ex-boyfriend and music partner, arrives for his sister’s wedding she’s photographing. While their families conspire to reunite them, Maggie’s not interested. But when they’re asked to perform together at the wedding, old feelings surface. As they grow closer, Jake is called back to work the day of the wedding and leaves without saying goodbye. Realizing what’s important to him, he must find a way back in time to sing with Maggie and make her a life-changing offer.

Movie Review:

"I know this movie is two years old now (In the Key of Love), but did anyone else notice the wedding photograph of the same sex couple on her desk at the very beginning? It was two men embracing. I was shocked to see this in an older movie ��" ~melnewlife

*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks
Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman


  1. I saw Jake & Jennifer walking down the aisle at Jennifer’s wedding during June Weddings preview program. Where’s the rest of the pictures?

    1. Hello. Thank you for your comment. I shared an assortment of press photos above, which Hallmark released in order to promote this film. I did not see a picture of Jake and his sister, Jennifer, walking down the aisle, but there is a lovely photo of Jake (Scott Michael Foster) and Jennifer (Andrea Brooks) under the storyline above.

  2. Where’a Jennifer & Jake’s parents in the movie?

    1. Unfortunately, Hallmark didn't release any press photos of them.

  3. I sure wish this movie wasn't changed to a Monday. I hope people still turn in. I think a movie that aired on a weekday ended up doing pretty good. I can't remember the name.


  4. I know I have mentioned this before, but I am really looking forward to this movie because Laura Osnes is one of my favorite singers. She is a Tony award-winning Broadway star with the voice of an angel! She won me over when she was the guest vocalist on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas concert a few year ago. (You can hear her versions of some classic Christmas songs on YouTube.) I can't wait to hear her sing in this movie!

  5. what happened with this movie? This is pretty disappointing of Hallmark to not play this movie. I would hate to think it has something to do with an interracial wedding, I would like to think we are past things like this. Its like this movie got pushed away and away and now gone. I know a lot of people were looking forward to this movie.

  6. whats crazy about this movie not being aired is that you can't even find it on the Hallmark channel website at all, not even if you search for the name.

    1. I know... it is very strange! I was tipped off on this news yesterday - that In the Key of Love is not on the schedule. I have heard many responses from puzzled Hallmark viewers on this. I'm hoping this means, maybe, they pulled it and will give it a proper Saturday premiere - which it deserves.

      I've also noticed - Hallmark is doing a contest giveaway for the wedding dress Andrea Brooks wears in the movie, so... surely they plan to bring the movie back at some point.

      Although, as you mentioned, it is very strange it is completely gone off Hallmark Channel's web-site. I did check, however, and it's still on the press site. Let's hope that's good news.

    2. I checked Laura Osnes' website to see if she said anything about the delay, but nothing.

      I am soooo bummed!! 😢

  7. In a last minute decision, Hallmark decided to release it on their Hallmark Movies Now pay streaming service to premiere in August (no date yet) to coincide with @andreakbrooks new series #whenhopecalls. So the #hearties will have to wait a little longer to see it! 

  8. The location is this movie is gorgeous! I would love to visit the Piedmont Manor and surrounding gardens. What is the location where this was this filmed? I haven’t been able to find anything similar around Vancouver, B.C.

  9. To Traveler10000, I agree - the filming location is spectacular. I found out that it was filmed on Bowen Island, near Vancouver, from Ruth, who I believe posts on this site sometimes. Here is the link:


    In this movie, Laura Osnes is such a good actress and singer and is so captivating!

    1. I love the movies but I would love to know if they make any music together either one of them think I’m beautiful voices please make more

    2. Amy G, thank you so much for sharing these location details. The setting for this movie looked spectacular on screen.

      I agree... Laura is such a wonderful actress & singer! I also loved her in the Christmas movie, "A Homecoming for the Holidays."

      I sure hope, once filming starts up again, we see more of her! :)

    3. Joy, Glad to hear you enjoyed this movie! I don't believe they released any music together, but I found lots of lovely songs by Laura Osnes on Amazon. You can listen or download here: .https://amzn.to/2VoVVs6

      Hope you enjoy them! :)

  10. I know this movie is two years old now (In the Key of Love), but did anyone else notice the wedding photograph of the same sex couple on her desk at the very beginning? It was two men embracing. I was shocked to see this in an older movie ��

    1. melnewlife, Oh my goodness... I didn't notice this. I first watched this movie through Hallmark Movies Now. It was okay, and I really like Laura Osnes, but the rom-com just didn't grab me.

      Thank you so much for mentioning this; I shared your review in the post above.

  11. Dug out my DVD of this, such a beautiful movie. :) -Maria


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