Thursday, March 15, 2012

RUST - an INSP Movie Premiere



Network: INSP

Original Air Date: April 15, 2012

*See Movie Trailer below!


Corbin Bernsen ... James Moore
Frank Gall ... Glen
Lloyd Warner ... Travis
Audrey Lynn Tennent ... Mary
Kirsten Collins ... Amanda
John Hutchinson ... Pastor Barrow
Chesney Caswell ... Loretta
Judith Davies ... Ms. Wexler
Cavan Cunningham ... Pastor Barrow (50 Years Old)
Mike Kernahan ... Perry
Ryder Debreceni ... Ian
Nolan Hubbard ... Drew
Gerald Lenton-Young ... Rick
Brad Kearns ... Ed Beaujot
Denise Singleton ... Janine
Graham Bell ... Earl Jackson
Lorne Cardinal ... Duane
Shannon Jardine ... Paula Roggin
Jesse Twietmeyer ... Scott


While battling a midlife crisis of faith, a man finds hope where he least
expected it - his childhood home. James Moore, a former pastor, returns home to find a family new to the area have been killed in a mysterious fire, and his childhood friend is the main suspect in the murder. Convinced of his friend’s innocence, James goes on a mission to uncover the real truth.


Movie Review:

Rust –

Real, Raw, Emotional, Deep....

Rust is one of those movies where you can nearly feel the heartbeat of the main character – and when he is fighting for justice – you can’t help from wishing with all your heart – that he finds it.

Seeking life’s direction, Jim returns to his hometown and begins to fit together pieces of a puzzle that don’t seem to fit together. An old friend of his, Travis , has been accused of setting a house fire (that killed a family) and he has even admitted to doing it- but Jim just can’t seem to believe it to be true. He observes the people around the town, and starts to unravel the mystery, one piece at a time.

Please Note: This Movie is not suitable for young viewers. There are flashback scenes of a house fire – in which a family is killed. Very sad and tragic. Also, the police and Jim talk about a teenage boy, who has committed suicide.

One of the best parts of this Movie – is watching Jim and his father. They are quite interesting together. His father always has solid advice and witty statements that has come from age and wisdom. In spite of the fact that Jim is a grown man, it is obvious that he still longs to please his father, and even more so – to again, trust in his Heavenly Father.

See or Skip:

See! Deeply interesting and intriguing!
But, please note - this is for Older Audiences only!

*Images via the official RUST Movie Web-site

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