Monday, January 16, 2012

Hallmark Channel News for 2012

The Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movie Channel have released their New Movie Lineup for 2012 ~ from January thru August. You can see the list in the New Movies Section or view them in the updated Family TV Schedule 2012. Upcoming Movies will star Joely Fisher, Genie Francis, Ted McGinley, Brooke Burns, Dean Cain, Candace Cameron Bure, etc...

After seeing the list - I think I'm most excited about the third sequel to "The Notes" movies. Notes from the Heart Healer follows The Note and The Note 2 - Taking a Chance on Love.

Also, in other Hallmark News... if you haven't already heard the latest buzz - the Martha Stewart Show will be eventually let go from the Hallmark Channel Morning line-up. I have heard they will stop taping new shows sometime in the spring and then, they may play the re-runs throughout the summer. After that - who knows? We will have to wait and see what they plan to do. I'm hoping this means this year we will have that time block at Christmastime for the airing of more Hallmark Christmas Movies!

And, one more thing... the Hallmark Channel will be changing the night they premiere their new movies. Starting in April, Hallmark Channel Movies will move to Sunday Nights. Hmmm? What do you think? Do you like this change? I think I liked them best on Saturday nights, but I'll watch or tape them whenever!

Let me know - what you think...

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  1. Great information here and I totally agree about claiming that block of time for Christmas movies where Martha was parked.

  2. I am so glad for a sequel for The Note... I also like the Whole series of Jeanette Oakes

    Thanks Marie

  3. Oh, I loved this post. I'm so excited about this new Notes Movie, too. It looks great. I can't wait to check out the other new movies, too. Thank you for posting this new Hallmark Channel News. Your site is my favorite. I visit it every day! Thank you! Carrie

  4. I loved it when they showed movies every night. There are a lot of movies that could use sequels. Thanks for all this.

  5. Very nice blog lots of info for movies. I also like the Martha Stewart Show and I'm surprised its getting let go.

  6. I am new to this site- so glad I came upon it! I loved Hallmark Channel's Smooch and I am hoping they consider a sequel. It ended with the possibility of the story continuing; Flynn & his new family meeting the royal grandparents??Anyone else interested in this?


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