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GMC Movie - A Mile in His Shoes


A Mile in His Shoes

Network: GMC

Original Air Date: September 25, 2011

*Stars Dean Cain (The Way Home, Superman, The Three Gifts, etc...) and Luke Schroder, the son of Ricky Schroder (Silver Spoons, Lonesome Dove, etc...)

*Based on the Book : The Legend of Mickey Tussler by Frank Nappi


Dean Cain ... Arthur 'Murph' Murphy
Luke Schroder ... Mickey Tussler
Jarod Joseph ... Pee Wee
Jesse Hutch ... George 'Lefty' Rogers
Anna Mae Routledge ... Laney
Andrew Wheeler ... Warren Dennison
Jaren Brandt Bartlett ... Raymond 'Boxcar' Miller
Matthew Robert Kelly ... Chip McNally
Kenneth W. Yanko ... Sheriff Billings


A heartwarming story in which a sheltered farm boy with Asperger’s Syndrome and a killer fastball is recruited to play for a minor league team.

Mickey Tussler, an autistic pitcher joins a minor-league baseball team and has a profound effect on the team and manager Arthur "Murph" Murphy over the course of a season.

Movie Review:

Truly One of the VERY BEST TV MOVIES of the YEAR!!!

Inspirational and full of Emotion! Terrific Movie for the entire family!!!

Mickey Tussler, a young farm boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, was wonderfully portrayed by Luke Schroder. And Dean Cain was perfect as their Inspiring Coach Murphy, who believed in him and his abilities as a pitcher.

(Dean Cain is one of the best actors. I was a faithful Superman watcher, back in the day! Dean is also great in The Three Gifts and The Way Home!)

In "A Mile in His Shoes", it is deeply moving to watch this young man develop and transform from being shy and alone, with mostly only his parents and his pig, for company... to believing in himself, having friends on the team, developing a stronger sense of courage, as well as keeping his faith in the Lord, and becoming a great baseball player, and in the end... making his parents extremely proud.

There is one scene of caution. Some mean boys decide to be rough on Mickey- so they lure him out in the woods and hit him. I believe only a couple punches are shown before Mickey falls. He is shown the next day - with scratches and red marks on his face. It is handled carefully. There is a great message in this about bullys and doing what is right.

Also, our family caught one tiny editting mistake. The bully from their team, Lefty Rogers, has switched over to another team, but when the boys are shown running into the game - Lefty is shown running in with them.

That little editting faux pax didn't sway me. I loved it - from beginning to end! Sometimes stories are summed up too quickly, but this ended just right - with a beautiful, touching, emotional scene of Mickey playing catch with his father on the farm! I truly loved it!!! Beautiful!!!

Thank you, GMC, for giving us this inspiring story!

See or Skip:

Absolutely SEE!!!!



  1. How do I watch this movie????? Pls help?

  2. Thanks for posting a link to this review! I don't think I have this channel, but will for sure be looking out for it!

    It's also cool to see Ricky's son get into acting too. He looks a lot like his dad!

  3. At the very beginning of the movie - as the coach was talking on the phone and watching Mickey through the window throwing apples - was Mickey originally throwing left handed?


    1. Hmmmmm.... Interesting Catch! (get my pun! - baseball movie!)

      I'll be sure to look for this.

  4. I'm curious if you could tell me the name of the actor playing the part of Coach Murphy's son. I think they only show his picture when Mickey enters into the room he will be staying in at the coaches house. The little boy looks familiar but I can't seem to place him. Thanks.


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