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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Favorite Christmas Movies on DVD

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The Christmas Choir

The touching holiday tale... “The Christmas Choir” is inspired by the true story of a man volunteering at a homeless shelter who saw a way to help the men living there by creating a choir from their surprising musical talents. The group, which went on to record several albums and tour the world, experienced such success that the singers where able to gain the financial security and personal confidence to leave the streets forever.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

They aren’t exactly the three wise men, but a snowbound stranger, a crafty uncle and a precocious boy may just have what it takes to remind one crazed woman what the holiday season is all about in "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"... a family film, which reminds viewers that you’re never too old to act like a kid again.

Moonlight and Mistletoe

It’s always Christmas in Santaville! But now, tiny Chester, Vermont’s year-round yuletide attraction is losing its widespread appeal. On the verge of bankruptcy, the resident St. Nick is hoping for a Christmas miracle to keep his dream from being bulldozed into another mini mall in “Moonlight & Mistletoe,”. Tom Arnold (“True Lies”) and Candace Cameron Bure (“Full House”) star in the inspiring family film.

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

"An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving" is the story of a young woman searching for her true path amidst a holiday season of decisions and discoveries and is based on an 1881 short story by American author and poet, Louisa May Alcott.

In the midst of this family drama, 17 year old Tilly (Tatiana Maslany), is torn among love and duty to her mother and siblings, a deepening romance with her boyfriend, Gad (Kristopher Turner), and the wonderfully textured life offered by her wealthy, wise grandmother. Perhaps Tilly won't have to choose. She can have it all.

It's a Wonderful Life... The beautiful classic is now available in a 2 disc Collectors Edition set. It includes a Limited Edition Bell ornament.

Everyone loves the story of hometown boy, George Bailey, who longs to "see the world"... yet, stays in Bedford Falls and takes on the Bailey Bros. Building and Loan and Mr. Potter. It's such a moving story of family and life... that teaches us that each life does matter and if we count all of our blessings, instead of all our trials, then we will see... "It's A Wonderful Life!"


Nick Snowden (Tom Cavanagh) is a new kind of Santa Claus: he s handsome, single, and clueless about women. With the holiday only three days away, a reindeer rescue mission will take him on a spectacular journey to save Christmas, and find his future Mrs. Claus.

Snow 2 : Brain Freeze

This is The Sequel to the Popular ABC Family Original Movie “Snow,” Which Premiered in December 2004.
Tom Cavanagh reprises his role as Nick Snowden, aka "Santa," in “Snow 2 Brain Freeze.” In the rush of getting his reindeer ready for Christmas, Nick jumps through his magic mirror and hits his head upon landing, causing Nick to lose his memory and forget who he is! With just days before Christmas, his wife Sandy (Ashley Williams) is desperate to find her husband and enlists the help of her old scrooge-like boyfriend Buck (Patrick Fabian). With the help of some new friends, Nick’s memory starts to trickle back, but will he remember that he is Santa in time for Christmas?

The Christmas Card

Once in a while, a movie comes along that reminds us how powerful love can be. In the midst of war in Afghanistan, Captain Cody Cullen (John Newton, "Desperate Housewives") is touched by lovely card sent by Faith Spelman (Alice Evans, "The Chris Isaak Show") from the small picturesque town of Nevada City, California. As months pass, the card never leaves his side, giving him the strength to survive and setting him on a mission to find her.

A Boyfriend for Christmas

A Boyfriend for Christmas Kelli Williams (The Practice) is Holly Grant, an idealistic lawyer who gave up on finding Mr. Right in her stocking when she split with her last boyfriend. OSCAR nominee Charles Durning (To Be or Not to Be) plays Santa, who fulfills an old promise by bringing her and another attorney, Ryan Hughes (Patrick Muldoon), together. Due to an earlier misunderstanding, Ryan doesn’t want Holly to know who he is, so when Santa sends him to deliver a Christmas tree, he introduces himself as "Douglas Firewood." His well-meaning white lie threatens to derail a budding romance, and spoil Santa’s plan, in this warm-hearted holiday treat.

A Grandpa for Christmas

An estranged family discovers that to understand the past, they first have to face it. For a dear old man on Christmas, the reward is being called Grandpa for the first time in his life. Eighty-year-old Bert Riley is a former movie tough guy living comfortably and surrounded by good friends all vets from Hollywood's Golden Age. With a scrapbook full of memories, life has been pretty good to him. But he never expected any more surprises out of it. That's before he receives word on Thanksgiving that Marie, the estranged daughter he hasn't seen in decades, is in the hospital following a car accident. What's more, Becca, the ten-year-old granddaughter he's never even met, is moving in with him!

All I Want for Christmas

Tis the season for making dreams true. If everything goes according to plan for one young boy, he just may be sharing this Christmas with a new dad. Ever since her husband died, Sarah Armstrong has divided her time between working at a community center and caring for her nine-year-old son, Jesse. When Jesse wins the All I Want for Christmas contest sponsored by a toy company, his wish comes as no surprise to find a new dad. Just in time for the holidays, All I Want for Christmas is a surprise romantic treat for anyone who believes in the magic of love, friendship, and family.

The Note

Genie Francis stars as Peyton MacGruder, a struggling human interest columnist whose editor warns her to bring her numbers up, or else. Dejected, her only moral support is from her longtime colleague, King Danville (McGinley), who she shares a flirtatious-but-professional relationship with. When a horrific plane crash kills all aboard in the waters near her office, Peyton suddenly finds herself in possession of a scrap of paper containing a hastily written but heartfelt message from one of the passengers to his child. Inspired by the power of the words, Peyton pledges to discover the note’s intended recipient and deliver it by Christmas.

The Note II : Taking a Chance on Love

In "Taking a Chance on Love" Peyton investigates a reader's letter which unfolds into a story of lost love and gives her insight into her own life and the risk one must take to fall in love again. Having been reunited with Christine, the daughter she gave up for adoption 18 years earlier, Peyton MacGruder (Francis) is still learning the ropes of parenting. She’s also busy writing her “Heart Healer” column, as well as managing a relationship with coworker and boyfriend King Danville (McGinley). But when King asks Peyton to marry him, she’s too afraid
to take a chance at a life she deserves. A note to Peyton from a loyal reader of her column leads to a new friendship, one that will teach Peyton that when it comes to making decisions, there’s a time to be cautious and a time to follow your heart.

Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus

Nick (Guttenberg) is due to replace his retiring father, and needs a Mrs. Claus, so Santa’s adviser sends him down to Southern California. There he meets Beth Sawtelle (Bernard), a workaholic widow whose advertising job with Andrew West (Calabro) leaves precious little time for her son, Jake (Dominic Scott Kay). Concealing his identity, Nick stars in a series of Christmas commercials for the agency as he tries to make sure Jake and Beth both believe in Santa Claus—no easy task in her case!

The Family Holiday

Donald "Doc" Holiday is a con man with a knack for trouble. But before he can inherit his uncle's fortune, he must convince Harriet Pendergast, the estate's straight-laced executor, that he has given up his lowlife ways to become the perfect family man, complete with a wife, kids and even a dog.

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