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Saturday, April 21, 2018

My "When Calls the Heart" Birthday Celebration! #Hearties @HallmarkChannel

As Season 5 of “When Calls the Heart” comes to an end, with all of its emotions, drama, and suspense… I thought this would be a good time to share my very HAPPY “When Calls the Heart” birthday celebration – from earlier this month!

It is my birthday wish that you enjoy this special look at my celebration and it fills you with “hope” …

From my cake and decorations… to my very “Elizabeth” looking dress…

Let’s begin with my “When Calls the Heart” birthday cake…

My Momma, Sister, and I had such fun making it together! (A.K.A. Abigail, Rosemary, and Elizabeth!)

The cake featured two layers, with gold frames picturing cast members, and small items that represent each character, by occupation, interests, and lifestyle. For instance, near Bill Avery you will find a guitar, type writer, and magnify glass… near Rosemary you will find a tea set, and next to Elizabeth, books, Jack, a red lantern, Abigail, an apron and mixing bowls, Opal, a bear named Brownie (of course!), Lee, a stack of wood and saw, Dr. Carson and Nurse Faith, a stethoscope and nurse’s hat, Clara, a sewing basket, and the children, a baseball bat & glove and a doll.

My sister, who is very much like Rosemary, found all of these amazing pieces; my absolute favorites are the beautiful white dress form and the Ford Model “T”! (I can just hear Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) in my mind saying… “Oh, Lee… You bought a car!”)

On the very top of the cake is the Hope Valley Church with a wagon and horses, and a grapevine heart to symbolize all the love in their little town. The second layer is covered with a quilt made of edible fondant and wafer paper, which was kind of interesting to piece together, at first, but in the end, I was amazed at how it came out so beautifully!

For the party, the cake was left intact and cupcakes (see below) were served… my Great-Grandmother’s Million Dollar Pound Cake… it’s a white cake, and most delicious! The recipe has been handed down -generation after generation! Come to think about it… this particular cake was most likely baked around the era represented in “When Calls the Heart,” by my Great-Grandmother, or perhaps, even her Mother! That very idea – makes it all the more special!

In each of the cupcakes, as you can see below, are cupcake-picks I simply printed out of various characters from “When Calls the Heart,” in heart-shaped cupcake wrappers - which you can get at Michaels craft store!

I just loved these little party tea cups - made of paper! They would be perfect for a little girl's tea party, too!

Here’s a bit closer look of the cake and the characters featured from “When Calls the Heart…”

All the ladies who attended the party wore beautiful white dresses, and the men, white dress shirts and casual pants. Two of the children surprised me by specially dressing up… one in a prairie girl costume, just like Opal, and the boy, a Mountie, just like Jack… with the red jacket, Canadian Mountie hat, and everything! It was so sweet! I loved and cherished every minute!

The moment I saw the dress I wore for the party, I simply fell in love with it! Thankfully, I was able to shop around a bit, and I found it at an incredibly reduced price! It was perfect... I felt just like I borrowed my dress from “Elizabeth’s” closet for the day and stepped right into Hope Valley!

These exquisite party plates (yes, they are paper!) and napkins were the perfect elegant touch for a “When Calls the Heart” celebration!

One of my birthday gifts was a sweet teddy bear, in honor of sweet Opal’s bear, Brownie! Isn’t he just adorable?

I also received the “When Calls the Heart” devotional and journal, a “When Calls the Heart” Christmas DVD my collection was lacking, the latest “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” DVD release “Truth be Told,” a canning jar by Pioneer Woman, a Royal Fine Bone Old Country Rose Heart Music Box, a China Tea Cup, with Lid, Magnetic Dart Board game, Little Blue House by Hatley Teacup PJ’s, and a Hearties “When Calls the Heart” t-shirt & tank from Zazzle.

This sweet country church painting titled "Sunday Go To Meeting" (with actual lights that light up by timer every day - in each church window!) reminded me of the Hope Valley church, and not only was it beautiful décor for the party, but a truly lovely piece of artwork and conversation piece.

This church window below, made of wood and corrugated galvanized metal, from Hobby Lobby, is a wonderful magnetic board. I had such fun choosing which “When Calls the Heart” pictures to clip to the display!

A scripture of “hope” for Hope Valley and all of us each day…

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace
as you trust in Him,
so that you may overflow with hope
by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
~ Romans 15:13

My Momma and Daddy's old-fashioned distressed black frame, with gold hearts in each corner, was an ideal display for this cast picture of “When Calls the Heart.”

And, an overall look of the entire "When Calls the Heart" party table… with a chalkboard - where my sweet sister, who is a fantastic artist, wrote "Happy Birthday" so beautifully in chalk.

"From chalk dust to eternity"
~Elizabeth Thatcher

Thank you all who visit here and give me the gift of your presence! I am blessed by your friendship, your warm-hearted comments, and all of our discussions on family movies and shows, like “When Calls the Heart.” I would have loved to have shared this birthday with all of you! So, I hope you have enjoyed this little taste of the celebration!

Blessings to you all, Net

Season 5 Finale
Episode 10: "Close to my Heart"
Sunday, April 22, 2018
9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

"When Calls the Heart" Season 5 Finale is Here!

We've waited an entire season for this incredible moment, and now... here it is upon us! Most of the time we never want "When Calls the Heart" to come to an end, but this time around, we just desperately want it to begin and answer all of our week-long burning questions from the sudden end to episode nine.

"When Calls the Heart" Season 5 Poster - via: Hallmark Crown Media

Many have been asking, "Can children watch this finale episode?" Without question, we've all considered "WCTH" to be a family show before, one special time each Sunday when all ages could typically come together and share an hour of entertainment.

I sincerely hope there is a positive outcome ahead in the finale, but since none of us know what news will be revealed next, we cannot be certain if young viewers should be watching. The abrupt end to episode nine broke many Hearties hearts, young and old alike. Daniel Lissing should be quite honored that his character means so much to all the "WCTH" fans.

I've heard many parents say they will be previewing before their young children see this episode, which I think, sadly, is a good idea. At this time, we cannot trust that the show will be appropriate for family viewing, for all ages, but I do hope our faith will be restored. We watch the Hallmark Channel, "the Heart of TV," to escape reality for a little while, to be uplifted, and encouraged... let's hope season 5 ends with more of these themes.

Throughout this season of "When Calls the Heart" we've all felt a gamut of emotions...

...when "When Calls the Heart" returned in February for Season 5.

...when Abigail testified on behalf of Henry Gowen.

...when Elizabeth missed Jack while he was in the Northern Territory.

...when Abigail convinced the railroad to build its depot in Hope Valley.

...when Julie Thatcher came to Hope Valley
and announced she was going to be a teacher, too, just like Elizabeth.

...when Clara thought she might be loosing Jesse to Julie.

...when the Bank could not pay out any funds.

...when sweet Phillip had trouble seeing and needed to go to the children's hospital.

...when Pastor Frank returned to Hope Valley, but felt a calling to return - to help the children.

...when Jack returned to Hope Valley and he and Elizabeth decided to get married.

...when Rosemary helped Elizabeth plan their wedding in such a short time.

...when Jack visited Elizabeth's Father and asked for his blessing.

...when the children accidentally set the church on fire, practicing for the wedding ceremony.

...when Jack rescued Opal from the fiery flames.

...when the town came together to rebuild the church.

Love, beyond measure
...when Jack and Elizabeth exchanged vows on their wedding day.

...when Jack and Elizabeth talked about their future, children, and building their home.

...when A.J Foster returned - turning herself into Sheriff Bill Avery.

...when the children of Hope Valley followed business leaders for the day.

...when Cody decides he wants to be a businessman, just like Lee.

...when Bill Avery protects A.J. and is bitten by a snake.

...when it appeared Henry Gowan was going to return to a life of crime.

...when Jesse admitted to Clara he hadn't finished the 8th grade,
but was still trying to learn.

...when Dr. Carson Shepherd successfully performed his Sister-n-Law's operation.

...when Abigail finds and secures a sound investor for Hope Valley.

...when Cody and Robert drop Dr. Shepherd's birthday cake
and try their best to bake another one.

...when the Mountie delivered sad news to Elizabeth
(presumably about Jack).

...when this news was delivered at the end of the episode,
leaving us waiting an entire week to find out what really happened.

...as we await the Finale of this season.

...as we most assuredly "hope" that Season 5 ends, somehow,
with everyone's hearts happy once again!

While I was most definitely shocked, like many of you, on how episode 9, "In My Dreams" ended and somewhat hurt they would play on our emotions so strongly, I am still filled with great hope... it is Hallmark and Hope Valley, after all.

I am hopeful there will be a positive conclusion to this season, it's just a feeling I have, possibly like Rosemary's woman's intuition! However, we shall all have to wait and see how this season finishes out... we definitely need some hope before Season 6!

Season 5 Finale
Episode 10: "Close to my Heart"
Sunday, April 22, 2018
9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hallmark will make this ‘A SUMMER TO REMEMBER’ with Catherine Bell and Cameron Mathison!

Press Release from The Hallmark Channel:





on the set of "A Summer to Remember" - image via: Instagram

STUDIO CITY, CA – April 18, 2018 – Production has begun on Hallmark Channel’s “A Summer to Remember” (wt), a new, original movie starring Catherine Bell (“Good Witch,” “Army Wives”) and Cameron Mathison (“At Home in Mitford,” “Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts”). Shooting on location in Fiji, the movie is set to premiere during the network’s upcoming, annual “Summer Nights” programming event that celebrates the fun of the season.

“Catherine Bell and Cameron Mathison are fan favorites and we’re thrilled to pair them together for the first time,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming & Network Publicity, Crown Media Family Networks. “We know they will light up the screen with their performances and the stunning Fiji landscape will be the perfect backdrop for this summertime escape for our viewers.”

on the set of "A Summer to Remember" - image via: Instagram

Jessica Tucker (Bell), a widow and successful doctor, is trying to juggle work and family when she learns she’s up for the top job at the hospital. It’s a great career move but means even more time away from her daughter Ava (Samantha MacGillivray) and would derail her plans to open a private practice that offers more work-life balance. Jessica books a stay at a resort in Fiji with cute bungalows and horseback riding on the beach so she and Ava can disconnect and have some mother-daughter bonding time. Complicating matters is fellow resort guest Trevor (Paul O’Brien, “Neighbours”), a dashing surgeon who takes an immediate interest in Jessica. During her stay she also strikes up a friendship with Will (Mathison), the charming owner of the resort. As Jessica and Will spend more time together, she begins to relax and starts to wonder if this island paradise can give her the life – and love – she’s always hoped for.

“A Summer to Remember” (wt) is a Cartel production. Stan Spry and Eric Woods are executive producers, Anthony Fankhuaser is co-executive producer and Lincoln Lageson serves as producer. Martin Wood directs from a script by Sheryl Anderson and Erinne Dobson.

-- Press Release from The Hallmark Channel --

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Come Home for Thanksgiving... on an All New "Heartland" Tonight on UP!

"Heartland" image via: CBC

Episode 15: Strength of Bonds

Watch April 18, 2018 at 8pm/7c. on UP.

Storyline via CBC: As Thanksgiving approaches, Georgie puts her personal feelings about Peyton Westfield aside and convinces Amy to work with a high strung and dangerous jumping horse. Meanwhile, Jade returns from Texas for the holiday weekend and Tim is forced to admit why he was so adamant she accept the rodeo scholarship. Wyatt goes completely overboard trying to prove his affection for Georgie and it lands them in a comical but compromising situation. And when Lou can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, Jack and Lisa try to save tradition by coercing a secret family recipe out of her.

Preview Clip:

Episode 16: A Place to Call Home

Watch April 18, 2018 at 9pm/8c. on UP.

Storyline via CBC: A training accident results in a serious injury and Georgie feels conflicted when an unlikely ally arrives at Heartland to show support.

Preview Clip:

Please note: I have not previously watched these episodes above. "Heartland" is a well known family television drama, from Canada, that often deals with real-life issues. Please always check ratings before viewing.

I hope you kick off your boots and enjoy these all new "Heartland" adventures tonight on UP!

Blessings, Net

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lifetime's "A Very Nutty Christmas" to star Melissa Joan Hart!

I thought we could all use a little fun Christmassy news today!

image: hawtcelebs, Melissa Joan Hart Unveils Duracell Holiday Window Display
New York - December, 2017

You're not getting "nuttin" for Christmas...
You're gettin' "A Very Nutty Christmas!"

Syracuse.com is reporting Producer, Director Paula Hart has chosen the script "A Very Nutty Christmas," written by a screen-writer couple from Central New York, Juliet and Keith Giglio, to become her next movie project! The couple's previous writing credits include comedy and family films: "Joshua," "Noah," "Pizza My Heart," etc... and Keith also worked on Disney's "A Cinderella Story" and "A Cinderella Story!"

Lifetime executives have already green-lit the movie project for their network this Holiday season - late November, which will star Paula's daughter, Melissa Joan Hart, who also starred in two previous Christmas TV Movies... "A Very Merry Toy Store" last year on Lifetime and "Broadcasting Christmas" the year before that, on the Hallmark Channel.

On May 1st, production will begin in Mystic, Connecticut, according to Syracuse.com, and will run for 18 days! "A Very Nutty Christmas" is about a Nutcracker who comes to life!

Be sure to look for Melissa Joan Hart in this new Christmas movie, "A Very Nutty Christmas," this November on Lifetime! I'll be sharing all the specifics on date & time - here at It's a Wonderful Movie, as soon as that information is given!

Joy to the World! Net

*Movie details for "A Very Nutty Christmas" above via Syracuse.com.
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