Tuesday, October 2, 2018

🎄 It's the Most WonderFALL Time of the Year! Enjoy these HALLMARK and LIFETIME CHRISTMAS MOVIE DVD RELEASES in OCTOBER! 🎄

images: Hallmark Crown Media / Lifetime

'Tis the season to enjoy these newly released Christmas movies on DVD!

Whether you want to ride a Christmas train, solve a holiday mystery, or simply enjoy a festive tale, be sure to check and see when your favorite Christmas movies are available this month...

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October 2, 2018

Christmas Next Door

A Bramble House Christmas

Engaging Father Christmas

Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle

Christmas at Holly Lodge

Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through the Snow

October 9, 2018

Love You Like Christmas

October 16, 2018

Christmas with Holly
(Hallmark Hall of Fame) (re-release)

A Dog Named Christmas
(Hallmark Hall of Fame) (re-release)

October 23, 2018

Double Feature:
Wrapped Up in Christmas
Snowed-Inn Christmas

Double Feature:
A Very Merry Toy Store
Four Christmases and a Wedding

Christmas Connection

Once Upon a Holiday

October 30, 2018

The Christmas Train
(Hallmark Hall of Fame)

Oh my goodness... I love every single one of these! I can't pick just one! Is there a special Christmas movie (or movies?) you're adding to your collection? If so, please share in comments below.

Thank you so much to everyone who clicks through my site to order your DVDs. I appreciate it so much!

Don't let The Christmas Train leave the station without you!



  1. This is great. Still waiting for Christmas Getsway!

    1. That's another good one, Debbie, that needs to be released! I'm keeping a look out for it too! :)

      Blessings, Net

    2. I totally agree, I'm not surprised it wasn't included. Hopefully, Hallmark will release it on DVD in the future. It was my favorite out of all the christmas movies that premiered last year, and I think it was one of the most popular movies last year among the viewers.

    3. Let's hope it's among the next releases! :)

  2. Hey Net, I’m loving all these releases!! Hoping it will help me clear up enough space on my DVR to make room for this year’s new Fall Harvest and Christmas movies. Those are my absolute fav and the only Hallmark movies I tend to watch again and again. Also, I noticed another DVD release this morning if you want to add it....Once Upon A Holiday. I just love Paul Campbell and am still hoping they’ll eventually release his other Christmas movie, Window Wonderland. Would also love to own My Christmas Love, Sleigh Bells Ring, The Christmas List, Christmas Getaway and Magical Christmas Ornaments. Hope they’ll release those soon. Thanks again Net for all your work in keeping us up to date on all things Hallmark. - Melissa

    1. Oh yeah, Melissa, we have the same problem! So many movies - so little time... on the DVR!!! (haha!) Thank goodness for these DVD releases, so we can free up space for more!

      Thank you also for mentioning "Once Upon a Holiday." I had it on the new 2018 DVD post, but hadn't added to this list. (I added it above!) So appreciate you catching that and letting me know! Paul Campbell is the best part of that movie! He brings life to everything he does! I would also LOVE to see "Window Wonderland" released one day! And, lots of the other ones you mentioned too!

      Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings, Net

  3. Thanks for posting these movie listings! So many wonderful Christmas movies!

    1. Oh, you're welcome! Glad you enjoyed this Christmas movie news! :)

  4. Do you know if Miss Christmas will be coming out on dvd? It was my favorite from last year.

    1. I haven't seen "Miss Christmas" on DVD, yet, but I keep hoping! I know it was a favorite for many last year! (myself included!) Brooke D'Orsay and Marc Blucas were a perfect pairing! :)

    2. Got my fingers crossed!! Was my favorite from last year too!

  5. Just watched Love in Paradise on Hallmark Channel. Great movie. Hope it comes out on dvd and maybe a sequel. Also, someone mentioned Christmas Getaway. That was a great movie too. Still looking for 12 Gifts of Christmas, With Love Christmas, My Christmas Love, Sharing Christmas and many more. Hoping to see Katrina Law in a new movie. Loved her in Snow Bride and 12 Gifts of Christmas. Would like to see Aaron O'Connell and Jordan Belfi in some more movies too. RG

  6. Hey Net,

    I'm looking forward to getting many of these dvd's. Some time ago we talked about how once in a while the dvd's have additional scenes that are not shown on TV. Can you (or someone) let us know if any of these new dvd's have additional scenes? It's always nice to see the "complete" versions!

    Something else I wanted to mention...I know you and I and many others like the old Christmas movies too. TCM is publishing a new book, "Christmas in the Movies: 30 Classics to Celebrate the Season", which is coming out this week. It looks like a really good book! Thought you and some other readers might be interested!


    1. Great idea, Mark, on the DVD extras! That's always nice to know before purchasing, if possible.

      Thank you, also, for the TCM Christmas book suggestion, I'll definitely be sure to check that out! I love the classics! :)

      Blessings, Net


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