Thursday, July 12, 2018

🎅 Don't MISS CHRISTMAS in July on the HALLMARK CHANNEL! #ChristmasKeepsake @hallmarkchannel

Miss Christmas - Brooke D'Orsay and Marc Blucas
image via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks

Since June 29th, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (HMM) has been airing Christmas movies as part of their Gold Crown Christmas event 24-7. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, which is this Sunday, July 15th.

In the meantime, however, the Hallmark Channel will now begin their run of Christmas movies starting Friday-the-13th! There is nothing unlucky or spooky about this day, at all! In fact, this Friday-the-13th will be quite Merry and Happy... as we will have the choice of Christmas movies, either on HMM or the Hallmark Channel!

Initially, "Miss Christmas" (pictured above) was going to be the first movie played at 12 noon EST., but Hallmark has added in early morning movies on Friday's Christmas Keepsake Day launch, starting with "Once Upon a Holiday" at 6 AM and "Christmas Under Wraps" at 8 AM!

Friday July 13, 2018:

A Heavenly Christmas ... HMM ... 1 AM
Christmas Miracle ... TCT ... 1:30 AM
The Christmas Shepherd ... HMM ... 3 AM
The Perfect Christmas Present ... HMM ... 5 AM
Once Upon a Holiday ... Hallmark Channel ... 6 AM
The Christmas Pageant ... HMM ... 7 AM
Christmas Under Wraps ... Hallmark Channel ... 8 AM
A Joyous Christmas ... HMM ... 9 AM
A Nutcracker Christmas ... HMM ... 11 AM
Miss Christmas ... Hallmark Channel ... 12 PM
A Bramble House Christmas ... HMM ... 1 PM
Sharing Christmas ... Hallmark Channel ... 2 PM
A Christmas to Remember ... HMM ... 3 PM
Christmas for a Dollar ... TCT ... 3 PM
A Royal Christmas ... Hallmark Channel ... 4 PM
Sound of Christmas ... HMM ... 5 PM
The Christmas Cottage ... Hallmark Channel ... 6 PM
Finding Father Christmas ... HMM ... 7 PM
Finding Santa ... Hallmark Channel ... 8 PM
Engaging Father Christmas ... HMM ... 9 PM
The Sweetest Christmas ... Hallmark Channel ... 10 PM
Christmas in Angel Falls ... HMM ... 11 PM

See more of what's airing in the

If you love the movie "Miss Christmas,"
you can get in the festive spirit early
and get Brooke D'Orsay's fun Reindeer Christmas Sweater!

Which CHRISTMAS movies do you NOT want to Miss
during Hallmark's Christmas Keepsake event?

For me personally, it's "Miss Christmas," "The Nine Lives of Christmas," "Christmas Cookies," "Marry Me at Christmas," "Christmas Next Door," "Matchmaker Santa," "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," "Let it Snow" and so much more! Please share yours in comments below...

Joyous Blessings, Net


  1. Joyce in CarolinaFriday, July 13, 2018

    Clever wording, Net! Love it! I second your picks. So happy to see all the added movies!

  2. I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!!! Thank you Net for the Update! Merry Christmas watching in July Everyone!

  3. Oh I LOVE Miss of my favorites from last year! Thanks so much for sharing where to get the sweater...I might have to get one!

  4. I never miss a thing because I follow you! Thanks Net for the Update! Christmas Day & Night....YEAH!!!!!!!

  5. I knew Hallmark channel would decide to play them all could you not! Thanks Net for letting us know. Merry Christmas in July!

  6. It's Wonderful News Indeed Net! Thank You! Also, thanks for the link for Holly's sweater from Miss Christmas...I ordered one and just might have to wear it now...of course in air conditioning but why not, it is Christmas in July!

  7. I record these movies on my DVR and then watch them on my phone during my gym workouts. Great way to pass the time on the treadmill, bike or elliptical.

  8. I am really liking the little commercials on the Hallmark Channel when they show the Christmas Ornaments. Such a small but very simple comforting aura to them.

  9. I had to see "Christmas Train," "Most Wonderful Time of the Year," and "Miss Christmas" this week. Those three are really at the top of my list. I love the little taste of Christmas that we're getting this time of year.


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