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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Can You Guess My Hallmark Themed Birthday + Happy Birthday, Dear Doris Day!!!

In our family, we love Birthdays! And, for each and every one of ours, from the eldest to the youngest, we choose a theme to celebrate the day!

image: itsawonderfulmovie.com

This year I have chosen a theme that is Hallmark related. See if you can figure it out with these 7 fun clues...

1. It's a drama... filled with emotion and "heart"!

2. There is romance, of course, like most Hallmark movies!

3. Each character is filled with "hope" for a bright future.

4. Many important lessons are taught and learned, along the way.

5. There's a great deal of sacrifice, in giving of one's self.

6. There's an immense love of family, friends, and neighbors.

7. And, most assuredly, these characters have a deep faith that carries them through any season of life...

My theme is...

You guessed it! (right?)







"When Calls the Heart"

image: "When Calls the Heart" - via Crown Media

I thought it would be most fun to incorporate "When Calls the Heart" into my birthday, today... from the cake, to well, every detail... just like Rosemary would do it! And, I am blessed to have both a Rosemary & Abigail "type" in my life, so planning the event is so much fun with them! I am definitely more of an Elizabeth type-person... so we work very well together! "Rosemary" makes big plans, "Abigail" cocks her head to the side and grins, and I, "Elizabeth" barely nod my head in agreement... as "Rosemary" goes on with the next grand idea!

image: "When Calls the Heart" - via Crown Media

It's all in good fun! Over the years I've learned, the greatest gift and blessing is that I'll be spending my birthday (today!) surrounded by all my wonderful family! Their love is the only gift I really need; however.... it's awfully fun to unwrap a few tangible things, as well! Isn't it? (Now, I kinda sound like dear Rosemary!)

In coming days... I promise to try and sneak you a bite (or rather picture) of the cake!

My heart calls me away, but thank you to all of you, who stop by to visit and read this post today!

image: "When Calls the Heart" - via Crown Media

Who else's birthday is today... well, it's dear Doris Day!!!
Oh... "It's a Great Feeling..." to share our day!!!

Actress Doris Day

Doris portrayed many marvelous and mischievous characters... and today, TCM is celebrating her birthday with their own movie-marathon dedicated solely to the actress, with her films:

It's a Great Feeling ... 8:15 AM

Storyline: When nobody at Warner Bros. will work with him, movie star Jack Carson decides to turn an unknown into his co-star.

Glass Bottom Boat ... 9:45 AM

Storyline: A woman writing a scientist's biography is mistaken for a spy.

Calamity Jane ... 11:45 AM

Storyline: The Wild West heroine helps bring a star attraction to Deadwood and finds love.

Love Me or Leave Me ... 1:45 PM

Storyline: True story of torch singer Ruth Etting's struggle to escape the gangster who made her a star.

Pillow Talk ... 4:00 PM

A man and woman carry their feud over the telephone line they share into their real lives.

Please Don't Eat the Daisies ... 6:00 PM

Storyline: A drama critic and his family try to adjust to life in the country.

Doris Day - graphic design by Cynthia

Happy Birthday, Doris Day!!!

It's a Great Feeling!!!

May God's Richest Blessings
Abide on You!!!

image courtesy: freepik .com

Plus, a very Happy Birthday to these Hallmark movie actors & actresses celebrating birthdays this month of April...

Bethany Joy Lenz ("Royal Matchmaker," "The Christmas Secret") - April 2
Jennie Garth ("A Time to Dance," "Accidentally in Love") - April 3
Candace Cameron Bure ("Aurora Teagarden Mystery," "Switched for Christmas") - April 6
Marilu Henner ("Aurora Teagarden Mystery") - April 6
John Schneider ("Sandra Brown's White Hot," "Come Dance at my Wedding") - April 8
Mandy Moore ("Christmas in Conway") - April 10
Chyler Leigh ("Window Wonderland") - April 10
Ryan Merriman ("Elevator Girl") - April 10
Laura Bell Bundy ("Dear Dumb Diary") - April 10
Riley Smith ("Christmas in Conway") - April 12
Ricky Schroder ("Our Wild Hearts") - April 13
Abigail Breslin ("Family Plan," "The Ultimate Gift") - April 14
Adam Dimarco ("Kiss at Pine Lake," "Signed,Sealed,Delivered") - April 14
Melissa Joan Hart ("Broadcasting Christmas") - April 18
Joey Lawrence ("Hitched for the Holidays") - April 20
Jaime King ("Mistletoe Promise") - April 23
Daniel Sharman ("When Calls the Heart" movie) - April 25
Carol Burnett ("Signed, Sealed, Delivered") - April 26
Brooklyn Rae Silzer ("Christmas in Homestead") - April 27
Drew Seeley ("Freshman Father") - April 30

And, I'm sure there are many more!

Whenever your Birthday is... I hope it's a Happy one!

Have a Blessed Day, Everyone!!! Net


  1. Oh Happy Birthday my Dear Blogger Friend...that cupcake is so pretty & yummy too! I guessed it right! Yeah!!! How wonderful that you are having a WCTH theme birthday, how appropo, I can see why...with all the things you write here that are so inspiring...just like Elizabeth! I pray you have a blessed day and a "It's a Wonderful Birthday"!!!

    1. Oh, thank you, NK! How sweet! You're thoughtful message truly brightened my day!

      "When Calls the Heart" was, indeed, such a fun theme and the cake (my Grandmother's Million Dollar Pound Cake, made by my dear Momma and Sister!) was absolutely delicious!!!

      Thank you for adding to all the Wonderfulness! :)
      Blessings on your day! Net

  2. How exciting a WCTH Birthday!!!!! You must share all the details! Happy Birthday Net, have a wonderful day!

    1. Oh, it was most fun! We incorporated pictures from the show in the decorations and my family all dressed up for the occasion! It was such a nice party... I am truly blessed! :)

      Blessings back to you! Net

  3. Happy birthday Net, Doris, and all the Hallmark stars in April! You're in good company. Have a bite of cake for me and maybe you can stop by the Hope Valley Ice Cream Parlor, too! Karen

    1. Karen, I was quite surprised to learn Hope Valley had an ice cream parlor in Sunday night's episode! I would definitely love to visit there on my birthday!!!

      Thank you for the sweet birthday message!
      Blessings, Net

  4. Happy birthday, Net, and thank you for your dedication to promoting Hallmark and family-friendly content. You are certainly a champion!

    1. Thank you so much, Ruth! I know we both have a bond in our love of sharing Hallmark movies!!!

      I so appreciate your thoughtful, sweet, and most-kind message here! Means so much to me, as you have been such a great friend and supporter of my site. :)

      Blessings back to you, Ruth!!! Net

  5. Happy Birthday Net!! And many many more. You need to be around for many years to come. Otherwise the rest of us would be so lost without this little piece of heaven for us and what you bring to us. Have fun.

    1. Jim, Thank you so much for the thoughtful, considerate, gracious... Birthday Message!!! I so enjoy sharing with you all here at "It's a Wonderful Movie"!

      Sincerely, I think one of the main reasons why I love sharing these Hallmark movies is because I grew up (along with) watching many of the lead Hallmark stars... like Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar, and Lacey Chabert. And, as I've shared before, each time we watch one of their movies, it's like welcoming family into our homes once again. And, I'm delighted everyone who visits here welcomes my site into your homes and I hope everyone feels like family here, as we freely discuss our love of Hallmark, and other TV movies!

      Thank you, again, Jim for the birthday message! I can tell you have such a big "heart"!

      Blessings, Net

  6. Happy birthday to you!!! You bring so much joy to others lives through your blog. A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to you Net! May your day be blessed!!!


    1. Thank you ever so much, Kerry! You are such a dear friend to me and I'm thrilled to pieces to see how well your site has taken off... you are really going places!!! Literally!!! :)

      What a sweet birthday message!!! Many Blessings back to You!!! Net

  7. Happy Birthday Net! I hope you have a wonderful When Calls the Heart Birthday!!

    1. Thank you so much, Catherine! I absolutely had a wonderful "When Calls the Heart" birthday with my dear family! It was such fun to dress up and be "Elizabeth" for the day!

      Again, thank you so much! Blessings, Net

  8. I love Doris Day! I have most of her movies on DVD. Happy Birthday to all who have birthdays this month!

    1. Awwwwe, so glad, Debbie, we both share a love for Doris Day and her delightful movies! The romantic-comedies are such a joy to watch!

      Thank you for the birthday comment and well wishes for all celebrating in April! :)

      Blessings! Net

  9. Joyce in CarolinaTuesday, April 03, 2018

    Happy Birthday dear sweet Net! I hope it's filled with many joyous events and new memories to cherish of your family and friends! And of course lots of cake!!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Oh, how sweet, Joyce! Thank you, bunches, for this heartfelt birthday message! It was such a joyous day... as I was showered with love! Many wonderful, precious memories were made with my family!

      Again, thank you, Joyce! I am so grateful for your friendship! Blessings, Net

  10. A very Happy Birthday to you, Eliz...er, I mean Net! :) I am sure it will be filled with lots of fun!! Enjoy that cake!

    1. Awe, I love it, Mark! How creative! I absolutely felt like "Elizabeth" for the day.... and, yes, the cake was absolutely delicious!!! I wish I could share a piece with all of our "It's a Wonderful Movie" family!!! :)

      Blessings back to You!!! Net

  11. That's so lovely. Net, and I love your WCTH birthday theme!! Have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Happy, Happy Birthday and may God bless you and grant all your wishes. So appropriate you share a birthday with Doris; a legend in her time and one who brings happiness to all as you do!! Happy Birthday also to all of Hallmark's "April" guys and gals who will be celebrating their "special" day!!

    1. Oh, thank you, Linda! You are such a blessing! So thoughtful! "When Calls the Heart" was, indeed, such a fun theme!

      A very special thank you to you... for your overwhelming support here... you are such a good friend to me and all of the "It's a Wonderful Movie" family!

      God's love shines through you! Many Blessings!!! Net

  12. WCTH as birthday theme... What an amazing idea! Love, love, love it! Definitely would love to see some pics! Happiest Birthday to you Net! Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!

    1. CH, What a sweet thing to say! It truly was such a wonderful day and fun theme to work with... plus, the timing right now with the excitement of season 5, the WCTH Christmas movie winning the Merry Madness Movie bracket, and the fact that we already know season 6 is on the way... well, it's such a great time of celebration and excitement for all Hearties!!!

      I will be sure to post some pictures! It was such a memorable event... and, I'm looking forward to sharing... as soon as I get a chance to put a post together!!!

      Thank you so much for your thoughtfully kind birthday message!!! :)
      Blessings to you!!! Net


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