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Friday, January 5, 2018

REWIND 2017 at *It's a Wonderful Movie* ! (Which Posts did YOU Click On the Most?)

For the first time, I thought it would be fun to rewind and take a fond look back at the past year, and share which posts you all found to be the most popular each month of 2017 - here at It's a Wonderful Movie!

Movie images via: Hallmark Crown Media

So, I hope you'll enjoy this little journey of a trip down memory lane- back in recent history!

I'll begin with January, 2017! Countdown to Christmas had just ended and I think most of us were looking ahead, wondering what movies Hallmark had in store for us next!

The Countdown to Valentine's Day movie "Love at First Glance" was, at the time, receiving lots of buzz, therefore my post:

"Fall in... "Love at First Glance" with Hallmark Channel's Original Valentine's Day Movie starring Amy Smart and Adrian Grenier!" was the most popular, along with


images via: Hallmark Crown Media

In February of 2017, Hearties (fans of "When Calls the Heart") were, at the time, eagerly looking forward to a new Season, and by mid-February, enjoying the first episodes of Season 4; therefore, it's no surprise that my post: "Hallmark Channel's "When Calls the Heart" Season 4 is filled with Emotion & Drama!" had the most visits! This post has all the episodes of When Calls the Heart Season 4 listed, with pictures that correlate with each one! Like many of you, I am quite passionate over my adoration of this incredible family drama series; I'm thrilled to see it's continued success and following grow each year on the Hallmark Channel and social media! Thank you to all the Hearties who visit here!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

By March, the snow was thawing, and we were enjoying the Meow Madness Christmas movie bracket challenge! Spring was in the air, thus, the reason why my post: "Baseball Movie "The Perfect Catch" -- part of Hallmark Channel's "Spring Fling" was most viewed! It scored highly with viewers & fans!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

In April, we enjoyed watching Hallmark's Christmas Movie Bracket winner "The Christmas Card" and "Spring Fling" movies like "Moonlight in Vermont" and "Like Cats and Dogs" on the Hallmark Channel!

Those postings were quite popular, but the most viewed post here at It's a Wonderful Movie was this exciting announcement: "HALLMARK CHANNEL Sequel TV Movie News!!! LACEY CHABERT & BRENNAN ELLIOTT will RETURN for ALL OF MY HEART 2!!!" What a thrill it was (even if it was a different house) to see Brian & Jenny return and their love story continue! Now, if we can just get their wedding in 2018, that would be perfection! Right? Just like one of Jenny's muffins, warm, and straight from the oven!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

In May, many fans of "When Calls the Heart" were missing the weekly television series, as Hallmark had just finished Season 4 at the end of April. With flowers blossoming and love in the air, many followers here were looking forward to June Weddings, and any hint of "When Calls the Heart;" therefore my post "Here Comes "The Perfect Bride" -- a Hallmark Channel Original "June Wedding" Movie Starring Two "When Calls the Heart" favorites - Pascale Hutton & Kavan Smith!!" was most viewed for the month of May! And, it's no wonder why, since both Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith are such a joy to watch! I personally take great pleasure in watching them together! They have incredible on-screen chemistry, whether they be on "When Calls the Heart" or in "The Perfect Bride!" Definitely, a June Wedding movie I can't wait to re-visit!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

In addition to "The Perfect Bride," viewers were honored to be invited to:

"'Destination Wedding' - a Hallmark Channel Original "June Wedding" Movie!"

"Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett star in Hallmark June Wedding Sequel - 'Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love'"

Paul Greene and Maggie Lawson star in "My Favorite Wedding" -- a Hallmark Channel Original "June Wedding" Movie!

images via: Hallmark Crown Media

By June, we must have been full fledge into Summer, and ready to dip our toes into water and sand! The post "Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie News for "The Beach House" starring Andie MacDowell" was the most popular post for the month! Following close, were two separate posts for Christmas in July:

"'The Christmas Cure' a Hallmark Channel Christmas (in July!) Keepsake Movie!" and

"'Home for Christmas Day' a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Gold Crown Christmas Movie!

Andie MacDowell image via: Hallmark Crown Media
Also featuring the book The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe 

Come July, we were all enjoying "Independence Day" and "Christmas in July" and most excited in our discussion of Hallmark's newest announcement: "TCA NEWS! HALLMARK Launches New Cable Channel: HALLMARK DRAMA!" When the station launched later in October, 2017, it didn't have widespread coverage, at the time...... but since then, it has been picked up by numerous cable providers, including Dish, Sling TV, Playstation Vue, and others! (Come on DirecTV - your viewers want it, too!) If you want to see if Hallmark Drama is available in your area - check *here*!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

For August, 4 Hallmark Movies nearly tied for most viewed of the month! They were...

"Falling for Vermont - a Hallmark Channel "Fall Harvest" Movie starring Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres!"

"Harvest Love - a Hallmark Channel "Fall Harvest" Movie starring Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey!"

"Hallmark SUMMER NIGHTS movie "Eat, Play, Love" -- Starring Jen Lilley, Jason Cermak, Lee Majors, & Lindsay Wagner"

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again" - a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Premiere - Arriving Soon!

images via: Hallmark Crown Media

In September, I created a post for "CHRISTMAS MOVIE DVD RELEASES for 2017!!!" and that was the most visited for the month - and beyond!!! From cherished Christmas classics, to recently new TV movies, I know it's always fun for all of us Christmas Movie fans to dash through Amazon and check out the newest Christmas DVD releases! (And, YES, I still want "Window Wonderland," too!!!) In the meantime, I was happy to see several great ones from Hallmark! Since I'm missing the Christmas movies dearly now on TV, I am most grateful for my DVDs!

Within the month of October, Christmas movies ranked as most viewed - here at "It's a Wonderful Movie!" This included...

"Miss Christmas - a Hallmark Channel Original "Countdown to Christmas" Movie starring Brooke D’Orsay & Marc Blucas"

A Gift to Remember - a Hallmark Channel Original "Countdown to Christmas" Movie starring Ali Liebert & Peter Porte

With Love, Christmas - a Hallmark Channel Original "Countdown to Christmas" Movie starring Emilie Ullerup and Aaron O'Connell

Danica McKellar stars in Hallmark's "Countdown to Christmas" Movie - Coming Home for Christmas!

images via: Hallmark Crown Media

In November, we were thankful and blessed with an abundance of Christmas movies- old & new! Two Christmas movies dominated the most viewed for the month...

A Joyous Christmas - a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Christmas Movie!

Christmas in Mississippi - a Lifetime Christmas Movie Premiere starring Jana Kramer & Wes Brown!

images via: Hallmark Crown Media / Lifetime

In December, Christmas Movies, of course, had a commanding lead once again in viewing here at It's a Wonderful Movie! 4 Hallmark Movies ranked at the top together...

Rocky Mountain Christmas - a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Christmas Movie starring Kristoffer Polaha, Lindy Booth, and Treat Williams!

Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie's Christmas Miracle - a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Christmas Movie starring Jill Wagner & Luke Macfarlane!

Christmas Next Door - a Hallmark Channel Original "Countdown to Christmas" Movie starring Jesse Metcalfe & Fiona Gubelmann!

Romance at Reindeer Lodge - a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Christmas Movie starring Nicky Whelan & Josh Kelly!

images via: Hallmark Crown Media

Oh my goodness... that was so fun taking a look back!!! I hope you all enjoyed it, too!!!

Thank you all for visiting all throughout the year- and making 2017 the biggest and best year, yet, here at "It's a Wonderful Movie"!!!

I am thrilled to report that the site hit 15 million clicks, just before the year ended! Thank YOU for being one of them!

From my heart and home, to yours... I am so grateful!!!

If you have a minute, please share in comments below which posts on "It's a Wonderful Movie," from 2017, were your favorites! Or, anything you might be looking forward to seeing in 2018!!!

Many Blessings, Net



  1. Isn't it fun to look back? Congrats on all your success Net! I loved your Christmas movie schedule that you published. I printed it out and referred to it throughout the season

    1. Thank you, Ruth! How sweet! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Christmas TV Schedule and this trip down memory lane! It is fun to look back at everything we enjoyed this past year and share in our love of Hallmark movies!

      You know I love all of your awesome interviews at My Devotional Thoughts with Hallmark Actors!

      Thank you for being such a great friend and supporter (especially on Twitter!)!

      Blessings to you!!! Net

  2. I liked seeing all the Christmas movies. I don't how you kept up with them all, but I'm glad you did. You sure made my life a whole lot easier. No joke.

    1. Oh, you're welcome! My joy! I'm so glad I could help and you enjoyed all the Christmas movies! How wonderful! :)

  3. New movies on DVD. Always look forward to adding new movies. Wish we didn't have to wait so long for Christmas movies

    Wish we had Hallmark drama

    1. Thank you for sharing! Wish I had Hallmark Drama, too! (Come on, DirecTV!) And, as for Christmas Movies, I agree it's a long wait, but I do try to enjoy this season of anticipation!

  4. Thank you so much for your detailed descriptions and updates.
    I am so happy I found your blog as it is wonderful.
    I loved the year in a glance and
    I am looking forward to Winterfest.
    Happy New Year
    I wish you well

    1. Oh, thank you very much, for your thoughtful comment and well wishes! I am so truly blessed that my site has brought you happiness this past year!

      A very Joyous, Happy New Year to You!!! Net

  5. I miss the Christmas movies. I am enjoying, however, the Hallmark movies and mysteries channel with Candace Cameron Bure in the Aurora Teagarden mysteries and now a new one with Holly Robinson Peete.

    1. Me, too, Debbie! Me, too! It's hard to let go of Christmas, but I do enjoy a good mystery! And, I agree... all the ones coming up look really good!!! Hope you enjoy the suspense, and you can guess whodunit!

      Blessings!!! Net

  6. Net, I most enjoy being able to come to your website and see what movie is on, the channel, and the date. I frequent your website year round so I don't miss anything!!! THANK YOU for all the work you do to bring us all the movie info we need.

    I am tickled for you......15 million views!!! That truly is amazing and I could not be happier for your success. Super happy to be doing 'Hallmark' with you!


    1. Kerry, thank you so much for sharing and being such a faithful follower here! I am so glad we have become friends through our love of Hallmark movies! You are so sweet, and I'm overjoyed that you have joined into this wonderful world of blogging about Hallmark with your web-site I've Scene it on Hallmark! After being at your site, I see each movie and location- in a whole new way!

      Many Blessings to You!!! Net

  7. Net,
    I wanted to let you know that the movie from last year’s schedule that mysteriously disappeared (it had Greg Vaughan and Nicky Whelan and was a Valentine’s Day “groundhog” theme) has now shown up on the Hallmark streaming service as “Once Upon a Winter’s Date”.

    I know some people were upset at the time, and the director said even he didn’t know what was going on. Maybe you can let people know in a blog post. I haven’t watched it yet but am definitely excited to see it.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I heard they finally released this movie to their streaming service. I'll certainly share this news along with the other Countdown to Valentine's Day Movies! I appreciate you sharing this here!

      Blessings!!! Net

  8. With Love, Christmas is my favourite. I'm trying to remember in which movie the suitor at the beginning of movie brags he's the most eligible bachelor the city. He brags later he won't be on the market long. So funny. Of course, he wasn't the true hero.

    1. Hmmm, I've been pondering your question, mariElizabeth.

      With the description you gave of the guy saying he's the most eligible bachelor, that reminds me of the guy, Garth (Casey Manderson), in "The Mistletoe Inn," with Alicia Witt. Casey makes a very similar comment in the Fall Harvest movie "Love Struck Cafe."

      Could this be the guy you are thinking of? He also starred in UP's "Season's Greetings!"

  9. Awwwww, Net, you brought back some lovely memories! Hallmark gave us a wonderful jam packed 2017 full of the "4 seasons" best. Thank you for summing it all up for us in this great post. A lot of time, A lot of work, it's what you do best!! PS..I miss the Christmas movies, too...love the banner...

    1. Once again, thank you, Linda!!! You always know just what to say - in the sweetest way!!!

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the journey of 2017 and it will be such fun to look forward to each season of 2018 together, too!!! Here we go!!!

      Oh, and I'm so glad you love the Banner! I think the snowflakes make it still feel like a Winter Wonderland, somewhat Christmassy!!! Blessings, Net

  10. I know this is the first place I go to for news about Hallmark movies! Congrats, Net!


    1. How sweet, Misty! Thank you! I'm so honored to be your go-to place! That just made my day!

      Blessings to You!!! Net :)

  11. Wish they would have more Murder, She Baked movies. They are my favorites. Cami

    1. That would be wonderful, Cami! Hopefully, Hallmark is listening! That would definitely be one of my requests for 2018, too!!! :)

      Blessings!!! Net

  12. My favorite posts from 2017:
    Jan. TCA 17 News
    Feb. WCTH
    March - The Perfect Catch
    April - News of "All of My Heart" sequel
    May - The Perfect Bride
    June - No favorite
    July - TCA News
    Aug. Harvest Love
    Sept. DVD releases
    Oct. Miss Christmas, With Love, Christmas
    Nov. Joyus Christmas
    Dec. Karen Kingsbury "Maggie's Christmas Miracle" & Christmas Next Door

    Love the banner for this thread! Thank you for the look back...I know you spent a lot of time putting this together!!

    1. Oh, thank you, Joyce... for sharing all your favorites throughout the year! There was certainly a lot to love this year and I can't wait to see what's next!!!

      I'm so glad you enjoyed reviewing 2017 here at It's a Wonderful Movie! Your picks are all great! :)

      God's Blessings!!! Net

  13. Congrats on a wonderful 2017 and thank you for your blog-it’s my favorite go-to for Hallmark movies updates and also Ruth’s for great interviews!

    Some of my favorite movies for 2017 include: Like Cats and Dogs, Destination Wedding, My Favorite Wedding, Falling for Vermont, All of my Heart 2, The Christmas Train, Engaging Father Christmas and two Lifetime movies as well that I thought were wonderful-Christmas in Mississippi and Snowed Inn Christmas.

    My family was on vacation over the holidays so I still have Christmas Encore on my DVR which I’m sure will be a favorite as well when I watch it.

    Happy 2018!

    1. Erin, Thank you so much for sharing all of your favorite movies & posts for the year! I am truly honored to be one of your go-to places for Hallmark news!

      I'm still catching up, myself, on some of the Christmas movies! It was a busier than expected Christmas season, and I'm enjoying being able to relax now and thoroughly enjoy each one I missed! I hope you enjoy "Christmas Encore!" I just love Brennan Elliott and Maggie Lawson!

      Blessings & Happy New Year to You!!! Net :)

  14. My favorite posts in your website is the weekly roundup of the upcoming movies premiering on the weekend! I think that it's so useful and helpful to get that reminder in one place every week to know what movies we are looking forward to! Thank you Net for this site! It's such a blessing throughout the year!

    1. Oh thank you so much, CH Mom, for saying that. You know what? Those are actually my favorite, too, as it makes me feel organized for the weekend to know exactly what new premieres are on, and what time, etc... I'm grateful to know how much you enjoy them and look forward to them, as well!

      God's blessings! And, again, thank you so much for sharing that! It truly means so much to me! Net :)


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