Thursday, November 9, 2017

Be Enchanted by this Hallmark Christmas Movie!

There's nothing like the warmth and cozy-ness of a Hallmark Christmas movie! So far this season, we have already been blessed with many wonderful holiday films that have made us feel happy inside, laugh at loud, and some have gently squeezed at our heartstrings!

Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega in "Enchanted Christmas"

This weekend... get ready to be swept off your feet Sunday night on the Hallmark Channel with "Enchanted Christmas"!

If you love to dance, or if you love to watch those who do- then, this Sunday night "quick-step" yourself, "cha-cha-cha," or "waltz" right over... to the comfy-ness of your couch or favorite chair, snuggle in, and dip yourself into Mission Pictures production of "Enchanted Christmas!" (Tapping your toe to the beat totally counts as participating! Someone has to keep the rhythm!)

Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega in "Enchanted Christmas"

Premiering for the first time on TV, this Hallmark Channel movie stars real-life husband and wife duo - Carlos PenaVega (of "Big Time Rush" and "Grease Live!") and Alexa PenaVega (of "Spy Kids" and Hallmark's "Destination Wedding")!

Here's the storyline of "Enchanted Christmas" from Hallmark: "Young widow, Laura Trudeau (played by Alexa PenaVega) was a remarkable dancer. Now working as a project manager in LA, she is tasked to renovate a rundown hotel lodge, in her hometown of Rosemont, Utah and have it ready by Christmas eve. She is stunned to run into her former love and dance partner Ricardo Archuleta, (Carlos PenaVega) who she discovers is in rehearsals for The Christmas Eve shows grand finale with his new dance partner Taylor (Chelsie Hightower, “Dancing with the Stars”). When Taylor has an audition abroad, Laura once again finds herself back in Ricardo’s arms. Feelings are rekindled, and with both the hotel opening and the show in jeopardy, Laura has to make some difficult decisions both personally and professionally."

Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega in "Enchanted Christmas"

One more thing... not only should you watch the dance moves closely, but... be sure to listen to the music, as well! Alexa and Carlos also recorded one of the songs for the movie!

Want a sneak peek now of the movie or some behind the scenes info? See the trailer below + on Friday, November 10th, 2017 - on Hallmark Channel's morning talk/lifestyle show Home & Family... be sure to tune in and see actress Alexa PenaVega and her husband, actor Carlos PenaVega, who will talk all about their Hallmark Channel original movie "Enchanted Christmas"! (I'm kind of hoping they will give us a little sneak peek and dance, too! We'll see!)

"Enchanted Christmas" image via: Mission Pictures

An unknown person once said... "You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart." And, I believe that it is certainly true! Our imaginations and dreams can take us anywhere! Let us join Alexa and Carlos and dance along with them, if only in our hearts, when...

"Enchanted Christmas" premieres this Sunday night at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel!

Enjoy every minute... every "step" of the way!!! Blessings, Net

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  1. They look awesome in their dance together in the commercial! Too cool that they did a song too!

    I read an article about the guy that wrote the script, he said it was a total re-write. No wonder it changed from New Mexico to Utah!


  2. This Carlos' first Hallmark this year

  3. How do I acquire or buy this fantastic song they wrote and sang?


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