Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Visiting Christmas TV History!

Today is my day at! If you are not familiar with it, it's a web-site created by author Joanna Wilson - where she shares all about Christmas Entertainment! It has become an annual tradition each July for her to host a *Christmas in July party* where everyone is invited to take part by answering questions in a Christmas Questionnaire... and then, each day one person is highlighted with all of their favorites and today was designated as my day to share!

Some of the 5 Questions asked were...

Who's your Favorite Santa (from any TV episode, special or movie)?

Do you enjoy watching Christmas entertainment year round?

If you were to be stranded on an island, what three Christmas movies, specials, or episodes would you like to have with you?

... and MORE!!!

Great questions, huh? Check out mine and lots of other great responses at:


  1. Two of your Three Christmas shows or movies that you would take with you on an Island would be on my list also. Your third one I have never seen. I know you have mentioned it quite a few times before but if it is actually on your list of Three I absolutely have to watch "Meet me in St Louis" now. Judy G. and I are now on a collision course.

    1. Jim, Hold on to your hat! Since you loved the old-fashioned movie, "Christmas Oranges," I'm certain you are going to also love "Meet Me in St Louis" !!!

      I won't give any of the story away, but it does revolve around a multi-generational family, the Smiths, all living together in one big house in, of course, St. Louis!

      Whenever you get a chance to see it, I hope you'll let us know how you liked it! I just checked TCM's "Meet Me in St Louis" page and unfortunately, they don't have any future scheduled times right now, but it's always aired around Christmastime on TCM, so I'm positive you'll be able to see it then!

      Or... It's also available to watch through streaming video or DVD, if you just can't wait!

      Blessings on your day, Net :)

  2. This is fun! Thankx Net, for keeping Christmas in July going!

  3. Great answers, Net!


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