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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Secret's Out! New *SUMMER* Movie tonight on Hallmark!!!

Tonight's new movie on Hallmark
"Secret Summer"

is straight from PixL's Movie Library! (It originally premiered last Spring on PixL - details here.) However, if you don't have PixL, this movie is definitely new to You! And, it's new to Hallmark!

"Secret Summer" Movie Details via PixL:
Appraiser Rachel (Lindsey Shaw) receives the news that her top-notched client wants to buyout a small town’s beloved library to build a resort and spa on the land. Rachel is completely against the idea of leaving NYC but loses the argument to her boss. So Rachel packs her bags and flies out to California. During her first visit to the library she runs into writer, Jake (Derek Theler), who is researching the tale of Captain Black Bart’s hidden treasures for his next novel. With hopes of saving the library, Mrs. Archer (Rachel Ticotin), the librarian, pushes Jake to show Rachel what the library means to the town. Jake’s already got a lot on his plate with his research and taking care of his niece, Hailey (Chiara Aurelia), and nephew, Noah (Max Page), for the summer but he agrees to help out. As Rachel learns what the library means to the community she must find away to save it before it’s too late.

I was also honored to interview the screen writer of this film, Cara J. Russell, last year! See that awesome interview - here!

Then, be sure to watch "Secret Summer"
at 9pm/8c. Thursday June 1, 2017
on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Encore Airing: Wednesday June 14 7pm/6c.


  1. I look forward to this tonight, I have to say I am not happy with HM&M new schedule. They play TV shows all day til 7 pm. So now they only play 2 movies a day during the week. I watch this Hallmark channel thru the week because they play movies, where the main Hallmark channel plays all shows and no movies during the week. I don't want to watch 4 episodes of Monk, Diagnosis Murder, I want to watch movies. After all, it is Hallmark Mysteries & MOVIES!!!!!! I am glad one of the 2 movies for today is one I have not ever had the pleasure of seeing so yay!!!!! I may be sending an email to Hallmark. T-Minus 29 days til Christmas movies all day on HM&M hurray!!!!!!

    1. I have heard others say much the same thing about the new HMM schedule, Sabrina. I'm sure they base it off of many factors, including: finances, contract/licensing agreements, and ratings.

      As a mystery fan, I truly love the mystery 1 hour drama show 'Monk,' and actually never dreamed I would enjoy it so much, but I do miss the movies, too, when I'm able to watch, during the day. Only two movies at night, I feel, isn't quite enough. Maybe they could add in just one during the day, say 1pm to 3pm!?!? That's my suggestion.

      Hallmark is wonderful at listening to and changing things up to make their viewing audience happy, so I'm sure they are hearing all the pleas from their loyal viewers.

      As for Christmas in July on Hallmark, I do believe the dates for this event have been changed. I'm still awaiting official word from Hallmark - so stay tuned!

    2. I wish I could meet you someday Net, I feel we are very similar. I do enjoy Monk, but I just like the movies better. I actually love Columbo, and it was on when I was getting ready for work, but it is now moved to after I leave. So no more Columbo saying "just one more thing" for me before work :( I guess things can't always stay the same.

      I do hope the Christmas schedule is still on and it is soon. I wonder if they just want it to be a surprise? They always do it the first and second week of July on both channels. Maybe they want to start after the 4th of July? I just can't wait for the Christmas movies already!!!!!! Although I have MANY of them on the DVR for anytime watching. I may be Hallmark's biggest fan, as I watch Hallmark every day, minus the time I watch House Hunters on my DVR. It is just such a happy channel, it is so nice to be able to watch happy things, and not have to watch the news, that wants to scare you and have panic in your life.

      It was my love of cats that brought me to Hallmark, the first movie I ever saw was The Nine Lives of Christmas in 2014, and I was hooked.

    3. Oh, that is so sweet, Sabrina! I'm so glad we can "meet" here to talk! Nine Lives of Christmas is one of my absolute favorites... so we are definitely in tune there, too!!!

      I have heard from Hallmark regarding Christmas in July. It is definitely happening - just at a different time. As soon as I can share, I promise I will do so!!! :)

    4. Hallmark has been telling people in replies on Facebook for several weeks that the movies start on July 7 on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and on July 14 on Hallmark Channel. It's no secret, but they just have not put out a new announcement or press release. They have said it over and over though.

    5. Sabrina -

      I agree with you about both Hallmark and HMM channels playing too many old TV show reruns and not enough movies! Grr.

      Thankfully, there are alot of new and repeated movies, even with all the "Golden Girls" and such. I am sad to hear that they are adding even MORE television reruns, though. :(

    6. Sabrina, Thank you so much for letting me know Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has a new commercial on TV giving the date OFFICIALLY for Gold Crown Christmas in July!!!

      For those of you who haven't seen the commercial, yet... the date given is July 7th!!!

      Thanks again, Sabrina! Christmas is Coming!!! :)

    7. Anonymous, Thank you for sharing. I have seen those dates, too, on Facebook and I have been in contact with Hallmark. Their official press release for Gold Crown Christmas & Christmas Keepsake is coming soon - and I think you will be most happy to see what's in store!!! :)

    8. Amy G, I so agree!

      Even though I enjoy some of the one hour mystery dramas (such as "Monk" and "Murder She Wrote") I do miss the movies during the day, too, when I'm able to watch. Or, sometimes, I would record one to watch later.

      Since they change it up all the time, maybe it will be completely different after Christmas in July!!! :)

    9. The schedule that I’m personally not a fan of is UP Network’s weekly schedule. Ever since last year, I’ve been getting the impression that the network has been under new or different management. Two years ago, UP Network created and released almost 20 original movies on their channel. This year, they haven’t made a single movie. Plus, UP Network rarely airs their movies (or any movies) on their channel, as they’ve tended to focus on airing reruns of t.v. shows from yesteryear. One example is the channel choosing to air 6 hours of “Gilmore Girls” on one weekday. Another example is “America’s Funniest Home Videos” being broadcast for a combined 18 hours on the weekend, but only one movie airing throughout the entire week. If “Date My Dad” is successful, maybe this will encourage the network to create more original content.

    10. I don't know why Up stopped with original content when they relied heavily for years on Saturday movies or stage plays. Their movies were very diverse too so I miss them. We only get to see them during Christmas time.

    11. I don't understand either, why they must reply ever episode of Gilmore Girls every time they do all 7 seasons and then go back to show it again. I miss the movies. All we get is Christmas.

  2. We don't get PixL at our house. I know you've said you don't get it either, Net, but I'm always happy to see when Hallmark plays one. This one sounds good and knowing the PixL movies are family friendly is a good thing. Thank you for the reminder. I don't know what I'd do without you!

    1. I feel exactly the same way, Abby! I'm always delighted to see & share another PixL movie title. I'm so glad you enjoy all the reminders! :)


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