Thursday, April 20, 2017

Freeform Announces Holiday Movies

Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) sent out this press release (below) regarding their slate of programming for this upcoming and future Holiday Seasons. One of the new movies mentioned below, more than raised my eyebrow, once or twice, so I wanted to share it with you all and caution you, before viewing...

Freeform Press Release:


HOLIDAY SPECIAL - "DECORATING DISNEY" - Premiering December 2017

"Decorating Disney" will reveal how holiday magic is created at Disney Parks by giving viewers an inside look into how the holidays come to life at the happiest and most magical place on earth. Freeform is giving audiences an exclusive global tour as Disney transforms all 12 Disney theme parks, four cruise ships and resorts into a winter wonderland - literally overnight. Viewers will meet the dedicated team of Disney cast members and Santa's real-life elves who, with a spoon full of sugar and a little pixie dust, will plan, design, and build life-size gingerbread houses and gorgeous Christmas trees so tall, it takes a crane to install them.


From director/producer Will Gluck of "Easy A" and "Annie" comes "Angry Angel" (working title), the story of a young woman who tries to get back to heaven after she seriously messes up. During this quest, she bumps into the love of her life and suddenly heaven doesn't seem so great after all. Think "It's a Wonderful Life" for the Snapchat generation. Produced by Olive Bridge Entertainment in association with Sony Pictures Television, Will Gluck and Richard Schwartz will serve as executive producers. "Angry Angel" (working title) is an all-new scripted two-hour movie, premiering in December 2017.


Tyra Banks will reprise her iconic role as a doll that comes to life in the sequel to the beloved Disney movie "Life-Size"; but in the sequel, everyone's favorite doll Eve has grown up. This time, she's magically awoken to help a young woman learn to live and love again, and along the way, Eve herself will experience the ups and downs of real life in a fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie. Tyra Banks will also serve as executive producer.

My Take:

As I read and re-read the description above for "Angry Angel," it sounds like to me, Hollywood is attempting, once again, to skew our religious beliefs. One does not "mess up" and leave heaven. We are saved by God's grace.

This would not be the first time that Freeform/ABC Family's so called Holiday programming was less than family-friendly or respectful of religious beliefs, or the Christmas holiday. ("Christmas Cupid" is a prime example)

I personally found the title of the movie, "Angry Angel," to be extremely offensive. To portray an Angel as Angry over frivolous matters - is quite demeaning. Since this is the working title, it may change before it airs on TV, this Christmas, but I still want to caution you all - I have a strong feeling that this movie may not be in the same sweet-nature as Clarence, in "It's a Wonderful Life."

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  1. I agree with you concerning Freeform & 25 Days. Long ago, I stopped watching this channel as it began its steady decline from family friendly programming. 25 Days of Christmas has had less & less true Christmas programming, & the little that was offered in the way of TV Christmas classics i.e., The Little Drummer Boy was scheduled in less than optimal family viewing times (7:00 am or midnight). 😒

  2. Hello Net, Wow you hit the nail on that one. As soon as I read the title I was offended and I was thinking the same exact thing. An Angel of God does not leave Heaven and worry about silly things on earth for once you seek heaven you are not of the earth. I am not happy with Freeform since they took over ABC family. It is everything but family friendly. Especially while you are watching some of the Christmas movies you have to tell our children to look away from the their commercials for the tv programs that they run on their station. Love your Blog!! your Friend #Christmas all year!

    1. Freeform is the same programming ABC Family has been showing for years just under a different name. There's been no significant program changes. ABC Family has been targeted towards teens for years

  3. I don't watch any of their Christmas movies on their channel. I own the few that I do like such as Elf or The Santa Clause trilogy so there is no reason to turn it on. I agree with you on the Angry Angel title as well. Plus, with all the movies on Hallmark channels, that's a lot to keep up with already. :) I missed some back in December that I am making a point to see in July.

  4. I shouldn't be surprised because it seems like Christian beliefs are coming under constant attack any more. I will not be watching Angry Angel no matter what they might end up calling it. This type of thing is very misleading to non-Christians who don't know the truth. Where can we write to protest?

  5. Interesting plots, I'm not going to be too judgmental on them because what is written on paper or in this situation the computer can be very different than on screen.

    I'm actually quite surprised Freeform is going to be doing TV movies. I never thought they would considering their latest movie 'Holiday Joy' with Bailee Madison was pretty much non-existent last year and hardly promoted and aired during such an odd time at 3/4pm in the middle of the day. Hopefully they get back to doing movies more frequently. I used to watch this channel and their original movies all the time, they have such classics like Holiday In Handcuffs, Christmas Caper, Au Pair (trilogy), so I hope they start doing more movies again.

  6. I totally agree with all of the above comments. Not only is the title offensive, but the descriptive line that says "heaven doesn't seem so great after all"! What could be greater than being with our Lord in heaven?? A definite no-watch for me too!

  7. I used to love ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas. As Tay mentioned, their movies like Holiday in Handcuffs and Three Days were my favorite. Aside from those movies, they always aired the old favorites like The Little Drummer Boy, The First Christmas: The Story of the First Christmas Snow, Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey, etc. Now you can't see these unless it's in the wee morning hours, when most of us are sleeping and trying to rest up for work. I'm glad they still show a few classics like The Year Without a Santa Claus and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, but I wish they would dig back into their vault and obtain the rights to show some of the old favorites that most of us grew up with. Doesn't sound like I'll be watching the Angry Angel movie, but I really hope that they have some nice surprises when they release their countdown schedule.

  8. Net, I am in total agreement over this ridiculously titled movie "Angry Angel." To add insult to injury they are even comparing it to It's. Wonderful Life! Nothing can be compared to that classic, especially something entitled Angry Angel and shown on Freeform. No wonder no one watches network TV anymore (except Hallmark Channel!)


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