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Kellie Martin stars in Hallmark's "Hailey Dean Mystery Deadly Estate"


Movie: Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: April 9, 2017


Kellie Martin ... Hailey Dean
Giacomo Baessato ... Danny Morgan
Matthew MacCaull ... Dr. Jonas McClellan
Viv Leacock ... Fincher Garland
Jim Thorburn ... Ryan Cook
Nancy Grace ... Sarah
Michelle Harrison ... Pam Finan
Peter Bryant ... Lt. Randall Quinn
Gwynyth Walsh ... Doris Keating
Emily Holmes ... Sabrina Butler
Cindy Busby ... Amanda Stone
Lucia Walters ... Det. Charlene “Monty” Montgomery
Joshua Hinkson ... Lance Hunter
Justin Fortier ... Hooded Man
Doron Bell ... Officer Franklin


Storyline via Hallmark: Hailey Dean (Kellie Martin), an acutely observant former prosecutor turned therapist, is introduced to her friend Pam’s (Michelle Harrison) brand new boyfriend, and then Pam suddenly vanishes in the midst of the sale of her late parents’ wealthy estate and home. At the same time, Hailey is repeatedly haunted by memories of a past tragic incident, and seeks help to understand why she is reliving the nightmare -- so she can finally move forward. Meanwhile, Hailey is not at all convinced when Pam calls from Hawaii to reassure her she is ok –and with time running out—Hailey learns of many other women with sudden inheritances who have gone missing, and she finds herself invested in seeking justice, discovering there is much more to the truth behind Pam’s mysterious disappearance.

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Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman


  1. Nancy Grace's character is Attorney Sarah in Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love when I notice her character via closed caption.

    1. Jesse Moss' character introduced Attorney Sarah Mills (Nancy Grace) on Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, With Love.

      Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, With Love will air on 3/26/2017

  2. I'm watching Haiey Dean Mystery: Murder, With Love when I found out Nancy Grace's character's last name is Long; Sarah Long but not Sarah Mills.

    She introduces herself as Sara Long when Jesse Moss' character; Aaron get his Sister; Amanda, a new lawyer.

    1. Nancy Grace portrays an entirely different character in this movie - a gossiping receptionist.

  3. Just finished watching Hailey Dean: Deadly Estate, Enjoyed the movie, but going just slightly crazy trying to remember the name of an actress who appears in just one scene (at about the 1:29 mark. (I believe the character had just purchased/moved into the house that was for sale. The actress is very familiar, probably from 10-20 years ago, but just can't remember where or when...and not listed on IMDB. Any ideas?

    1. Yes! The Actress in "Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate" you are referring to is Michele Scarabelli. She was also in the Hallmark movie "Pumpkin Pie Wars." Plus, I checked her IMDB page and her past acting credits include "Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Supernatural," "Dallas," and more.

      Hope this solves your Mystery, Anonymous! :)

      Blessings! Net

    2. YES!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much. I'm sure now that I'm remembering her from Star Trek: TNG. Thanks again. :-D

    3. I remember Michele Scarabell from Air Wolf with Barry Van Dyke

    4. What's Nancy Grace's character's name in upcoming Hailey Dean Mysteries in different roles

    5. Not sure, yet. She often plays various cameo roles, and IMDB doesn't have her currently listed under "Hailey Dean Mystery: 2 + 2 = Murder."

  4. Was the man who shot het fiancé, in the last scene of the movie Willaim's brother DAN? Was the look Hailey had supposed to indicate that she knows who it was? I was a little unclear.

    1. For anyone reading my response below, to the Anonymous comment above, please know - it may contain Spoliers for the end of this movie!!!

      Potential SPOILERS Ahead.....

      This is how I took the end... At first I thought Hailey might have recognized the shooter, too, in her flashback nightmare, but she explained to her brother-n-law that she realized it wasn't a random burglary, she was the target. Her fiancé protected her, saved her life. That was the realization.

      I'm thinking this may lead to another "Hailey Dean" movie, and maybe, they will eventually figure out who killed her fiancé and why.


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