Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hallmark Premieres PixL Movie "When Duty Calls" - Tonight!!!

For those of you, like myself, who don't have the PixL station, or subscribe via YouTube... if you do have Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, you can look forward to watching one of PixL's Original Movies on HMM tonight!

(This movie first aired on PixL last year - January 2, 2016.)


Daniella Monet, Kelly Blatz, Judd Nelson, Leslie David Baker, and Daphne Zuniga

Storyline via PixL:

Newlyweds Ellie (Daniella Monet) and Martin Skopic (Kelly Blatz) have reached a roadblock in their careers. With Ellie unable to get placed on her local police force, and Martin recently laid off, they are required to move into a retirement community with Ellie’s parents, Gary (Judd Nelson) and Carol (Daphne Zuniga). With hopes of being hired at their local police department, Ellie volunteers for the Sheriff Support Team Volunteer Cadet Program. While patrolling the neighborhood Ellie encounters a home invasion, and contrary to protocol, decides to try to track down the intruders. Against orders, Ellie continues to investigate the string of neighborhood robberies. In the meantime, Martin announces he was offered a position at a prep school in Maine. However, he’s taken aback by Ellie’s lack of enthusiasm at his news. With Ellie’s life in jeopardy she must find a balance to save the neighborhood and her marriage.

See the Hallmark Premiere of When Duty Calls
on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Thursday March 2, 2017 at 9pm/8c.

Please join me! Let's all tune in and watch tonight and let Hallmark know (via Twitter & Facebook with #WhenDutyCalls & @hallmarkmovie) - we would love to see more PixL movies on HMM!!!

(*Please Note: those who do subscribe on YouTube with PixL have recently shared they have been having problems with this service. Please stay tuned here for further details.)


  1. Interesting! Thanks for the update!

    Is Lifetime still showing the Pixl movies too?


    1. Good question! To my knowledge, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is the only one playing the older PixL movies at this time. (except PixL, of course!)

      It was great, wasn't it?... seeing the PixL movies on LMN last fall and I'm hopeful HMM will play more, besides just this one! But, I do wish they could be on a station more people have.

      If only PixL - could just be offered through more cable providers!

      Thank you so much for commenting, Misty! It was wonderful to hear from you! :)

      Blessings on your day!!! Net

    2. Pixl is now an option for Sling TV

  2. I want more PixL movies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

    Kelly Blatz was in Aaron Stone is his title role on Disney XD

  3. I notice Olivia d' Abo as Commander Kathryn Chapman & Andrew Lawrence as Sandy O'Delle are in it

  4. PixL has Hallmark Channel Movies expected Uncorked, This Magic Moment, etc...

    Hallmark Movies & Mysteries could have more PixL movies any weekdays

  5. I don't have HMM so if they're gonna play some PixL movies on Hallmark I'd love it to be on the min channel during a Saturday afteroon

  6. Cox Cable needs to pick up the PIXL Network!


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