Thursday, April 7, 2016

STOP the PRESSES! Breaking NEWS: Bestselling Book STOP THE WEDDING! to become Hallmark Movie!!!

Author Stephanie Bond, who wrote the Bestselling Book STOP THE WEDDING! recently revealed via her web-site, her book is now in the works to become a Hallmark Channel movie!

Stop the Wedding!
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"It’s a light, fun romantic comedy", shares writer Stephanie Bond, and she's shares a bit of the storyline, too... "a man and woman determined to stop their parents from getting married wind up falling in love with each other."

Stephanie gives us the complete insight on her web-site, as to how STOP THE WEDDING! was a rejected story for many years, that was nearly lost, finally became published, a bestseller, and now, coming soon... a Made-for-TV Hallmark movie!

Also according to her site, Stephanie Bond also promises to keep us posted on a premiere date, but if I had to guess... I would obviously say some weekend in June during Hallmark's "June Weddings" Movie event!!! (Remember last year, one of the June Weddings aired on Sunday!)

*A Very Special "Thank You" to Joyce in Carolina for discovering and sharing this exciting movie news with me - to share with all of you!

Hope you enjoyed this New Hallmark Movie News - one more Wedding to attend this June!!!


  1. 85 days or 100 days Christmas in July.

  2. Aw, how cute does this sound! Already excited even with this limited bit of information: and I wonder, have any of you read this novel? I might have to pick it up in preparation of this premiere. :)

    Thanks for keeping us up to date - and unrelated, but can I just say: Chesapeake Shores looks so good. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Rissi! Love your cute "R" icon!

      Just wanted to let you know, I haven't read this one. I so wish books had ratings like movies, so we knew what to expect. I did notice one reviewer on Amazon shared there are some explicit "scenes", so I just wanted you to be aware. I have noticed Hallmark take books that have some scenes like that, but then the Hallmark movie itself is rated G. Hopefully, this is the case here.

      I also agree... Chesapeake Shores looks good to me, too!!! :) Great to hear from You!

  3. Well now we know another movie is a part of the June Weddings lineup.

    1. Yes, that looks like the logical time for it to air... so we will guess a June Premiere Date for now!

    2. There's a note at the end of the kindle version of the book that confirms the movie for June 2016.

  4. This is the first Hallmark movie all year I'm actually intrigued by. Casting could make or break this for me.

    1. Well, I'm glad this one has caught your interest!

      Casting can make or break any story. So True! And, actually good casting can sometimes save a bad story! But, in this case, I too, am looking forward to hearing who they place in these roles!

  5. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, April 10, 2016

    Net -- A couple of hours ago or so, I sent you an email with some info and links pertaining to a movie. I just uncovered the info tonight.

    Just a few minutes ago I sent you a second email about a totally different movie for which I uncovered some info, but in the course of looking at what I dug up for movie #2, it raised some questions about the info I originally dug up and sent to you for movie #1! Lol.

    Hopefully it will all make sense when you read the 2 emails from tonight, but you will see why, how and where I got confused after sending the first email!

  6. Reading a sample of this book and if she wasn't pregnant and showing I could see Hallmark casting Lacey Chabert in this role.For anyone who wants to read it and is afraid of content I hear unlike Stephanie's other books this has no sex or cursing.


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