Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another Spring Movie Blooms on Hallmark - "Tulips in Spring"!


Movie: Tulips in Spring

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: May 14, 2016

image via: https://twitter.com/DirectedByDW/status/714950010710851585
pictured Kelly Rowan, Giles Panton, Fiona Gubelmann,
Director David Winning, and director of photography Tony Metchie

Screen Grab via: "Tulips in Spring" promo video


Fiona Gubelmann ... Rose Newell
Lucas Bryant ... Tom Novak
Aliyah O'Brien ... Victoria Mason
Kelly Rowan ...
Mark Brandon ... Announcer
Kevin McNulty ... Frank Newell
Giles Panton ... Rob Laswell
Iris Quinn ... Sarah Newell


via Hallmark: Rose Newell is a young interior designer who has been given an assignment to design a high-end client's home. As she begins the project, Rose learns that her father, Frank, has suffered a broken leg and that her help is badly needed at Newell Farms, her parents' tulip farm in rural Washington. Rose returns to her hometown and to her damaged relationship with Frank, who resents her having chosen a cosmopolitan career over the family business.

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  1. This was such a sweet one! Lucas Bryant needs to be in more Hallmark movies! Love the sweet and simple story. Kind of a standard Hallmark channel offerings as far as story goes but both lead actor and actress did such a great job and really made the movie. Really like the goodbye/kiss scene on the porch. I thought that was sweet!

  2. Absolutely agree but then I am a big Lucas Bryant fan.

    Although "sweet and simple" in many ways there was actually a very solid and entertaining plot behind this which held the interest.

    I did think though that they missed a big opportunity to make this even better by having much more friction between Rose and Tom.

    However I was left with a nice warm glow at the end!


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