Friday, November 6, 2015

Hallmark Christmas Movie "Christmas Land" Cast Revealed!

It's officially happening! I know some of you had been beginning to wonder, especially since the cast had yet to be revealed... but, now the Hallmark Channel web-site has revealed -"Christmas Land" will star Nikki DeLoach, Luke MacFarlane, and Maureen McCormick.

Luke MacFarlane , Nikki DeLoach, and Maureen McCormick - photo credits below.

I checked Nikki DeLoach's acting creds - and this looks to be her first Hallmark movie. She has been in an ION Christmas Movie - "Golden Christmas 3". Luke MacFarlane starred in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie "The Memory Book", and everyone knows Maureen McCormick, forever as the iconic character "Marsha Brady", from "The Brady Bunch".

*A very Special "Thank You" to Shirley for catching this cast info on the Hallmark Channel web-site and sharing this news with me - and now, with all of you!!!

"Christmas Land" is scheduled to air Sunday December 20, 2015 at 8:00 PM / 7:00c on the Hallmark Channel.

*Image Credits:
Nikki DeLoach image via:
Luke Macfarlane Photo Credit: Copyright 2014 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Christos Kalohoridis
Maureen McCormick Photo via:


  1. Finally, some info! It's odd that Luke McFarlane was originally listed to star in Magic Stocking (I think that's the one) and dropped out just before filming, maybe because he was shooting this?

  2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, November 06, 2015

    It's a Christmas miracle! The movie is actually happening! I don't know about anyone else, but you KNOW that I was thinking the movie wouldn't happen. Actually, I thought there might have been a delay due to a casting change and wasn't sure if they'd get the movie made in time.

    It's o interesting that Nikki DeLoach is one of the stars. I was literally JUST watching her in ION's "You Cast a Spell On Me" movie with Ryan McPartlin a few days ago, and I thought she was good in the role. She was funny when she needed to be, and came across as likeable. I wondered at that moment why Hallmark had never put her in anything. And here she is!

    Wasn't Luke originally supposed to be in "The Magic Stocking," but Victor Webster took his place? So maybe "Christmas Land" was delayed in getting filmed while waiting for Luke to be available.

  3. Yay! I loved The Memory Book! Sure wish it was shown on Hallmark Channel for more to see.


  4. It’s about time! For a while, I was thinking that Hallmark might take “Christmas Land” off their Countdown to Christmas schedule. But in their advertisements, they kept saying that they are airing 17 movies, so I figured Hallmark was going to stick to their word. I really hope “Christmas Land” gets good ratings as well as positive responses from both the critics and audience. As of right now, I feel that “Christmas Land” is the underdog of all Hallmark Channel’s new Christmas movies. I do think it’s a funny coincidence that both Meghan Ory and Luke Macfarlane starred in Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ “The Memory Book” and are now starring in their own Christmas movies (“Dashing Through the Snow” and “Christmas Land”) within the Hallmark community!

  5. Hi, I haven't got a email from your site in over a week I was wondering if something was up

  6. Chonda Pierce was great in her supporting role!! Way to go Chonda!

    1. I was thrilled to see Chonda Pierce. She's a great comedienne and enjoying seeing here in this role. Thank's for asking her to be apart of a great movie.

  7. A lot of the Hallmark movies use the same set (town). Does anyone know where the town is or set that they use is located? Is it a set or an actual town?

  8. i loved this movie and love and would watch this again. the movie christland is a good movie.


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