Friday, November 7, 2014

Richard Thomas (John Boy) Returns to Walton's Mountain - Sunday on INSP!

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Join Actor Richard Thomas (best remembered as John Boy from The Waltons) on the television channel INSP... as he hosts a premiere of Favorite Episodes and Memories! The 9-hour marathon runs on Sunday November 9th from 11am ET - until 8 pm ET and can be seen exclusively on INSP. Thanksgiving Specials will follow after the Richard Thomas marathon... from 8 pm ET - until 2 AM!

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Richard shares his favorite episodes of THE WALTONS this Sunday, November 9th beginning at 11am ET.

Throughout the day on INSP, audiences will enjoy never-before-seen footage of Richard as he shares personal memories, humorous anecdotes and behind-the-scene stories of his favorite episodes of “The Waltons.” 

A "Video Clip" preview of the Richard Thomas’ Favorites Marathon:

Episodes being aired during this "Richard Thomas" Event:

The Sinner - A young preacher staying a few days with the Waltons leads John-Boy to learn the true meaning of grace.

The Love Story -John-Boy Walton finds himself in love for the first time when a young girl in need of love and attention returns to her remarried father’s home on Walton Mountain.

The Scholar - John-Boy demonstrates love and understanding as he teaches a proud but uneducated woman how to read and write.

The Easter Story - During the depression years of the mid-1930s in the Blue Ridge Mountains area of Virginia, the faith of the large but close-knit Walton family is tested when the mother contracts polio and the doctor pronounces her a hopeless cripple. With the help and encouragement of her family, Olivia develops a tremendous will to walk, resulting in a sudden breakthrough.

The Burn Out - A flash fire demolishes the second floor of the Walton’s house and begins a series of events that threatens to destroy the family.

The Achievement - When six weeks pass with no word from the publisher about his novel, John-Boy travels to New York and to a turning point in his personal and professional life.

*Check your local and online guides for channel information or visit FIND INSP to determine availability in your area.


  1. This looks interesting. John Boy was always my favorite Walton kid. I was always so disappointed when he left the show. Kudos to INSP for getting him to do this special. Wonder if he will address his leaving the show back in the day. Wonder if he regrets that today.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I am a big fan of The Waltons, so I will definitely be watching this marathon.

  3. This was wonderful, what I saw of it. Hope INSP plans to air it again when I can sit down and watch the whole thing.


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