Friday, October 3, 2014

THIS WEEKEND ON TV: The Hallmark Channel & UP-TV share common theme...

On Saturday Night... October 4, 2014

Visit Cedar Cove
on the Hallmark Channel
for the Season 2 Finale Episode

Airs Saturday at 8PM/7c. Repeats at 11PM/10c.
Via Hallmark-- In the Season 2 finale, Resolutions and Revelations: Olivia is determined to find out why her relationship with Jack suddenly feels so distant, while Justine attempts to smooth things over with Seth but ends up only making things much worse. And as Eric is caught between Warren, his partner, and the law, he must decide who he can trust, as all of Cedar Cove discovers secrets can't always be kept.
There are a number of storylines occurring in the town of Cedar Cove. One such story, not mentioned above, is Allison, a teenage girl, who usually works with Grace at the library and Peggy, sometimes, at the B&B. It has just recently come to Grace's attention that Allison is being bullied on-line by some popular girls at her school. Allison begged Grace not to get involved in the last episode, but she couldn't remain quiet. Grace, instead, did the right thing, by informing Allison's mother and the school of the cyber-bullying. This issue was yet to be resolved in the previous episode and will continue to unfold - as we see Peggy comforting Allison in this image from the finale episode below.
In recognition of October being National Bullying Prevention Month,
the Hallmark Channel and UP-TV are shedding light on this very important issue.

On Sunday Night... October 5, 2014

will have the Exclusive World Premiere

Premieres Sunday at 7 PM/6c.

Via UP:: Nowhere Safe stars Natasha Henstridge, Jamie Kennedy, and Danielle Chuchran. After two teen girls cruelly impersonate a third, Ashley, in an online "reverse cyber bullying" plot, her reputation is ruined. She and her mother Julie are ostracized, forcing them to flee an escalating threat to their lives. Starting over at a new school miles away and budding romantic interests draw them out of seclusion until they realize confronting a hurtful past is essential to ensure a brighter future.

*Please Note: I must caution - these programs may contain intense Situations and Dialogue not suitable for children.

*For more details- visit my Cedar Cove Season 2 post & my Nowhere Safe post.

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I hope you all enjoy this first weekend of October, Net


  1. The Cedar Cove finale was good but still many story lines left unanswered. I liked how they dealt with Allison and the bully at school. I feel so bad for kids going through that today. Maybe this show could help them.

    . I'm not crazy about the over the top soap opera drama in everyone's lives. It's just not liked the books at all.

  2. Is anybody in Cedar Cove, happy? Too much drama!

  3. Disappointing season and finale. The only good part was the Allison story and maybe Peggy, but woman shouldn't face an abuser alone. She put herself in a place of vulnerability and I hope other woman won't attempt to do the same.

    I don't mind a little drama, but as someone said above, it was over the top. Did everyone have to be unhappy and involved in a cheating relationship?

  4. Disappointed with the season 2 finale of Cedar Cove. I thought the Hallmark Channel was better that that. I always liked the books, but not the show.

  5. Can't believe the ending with Jack drinking and Olivia walking in saying she used her key. She had a smile on her face & I couldn't help from laughing at what should have been such a serious moment. I think Jacks interaction with his ex is too much. It seemed to take very little difficulty in his life to make him take up drinking again. So disappointed in Cedar Cove and Hallmark. Karen

  6. There seems to be no Godly standards or principles in Cedar Cove. I am sad to see a show like this is so highly rated on the Hallmark Channel.
    Sandy L.

  7. I'm glad it's over and we can look forward to Christmas now!

  8. I think the Up movie looks good tonight. Great to see Hallmark and UP taking on the bullying issue. Hope it helps.


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