Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Clue #3 for the DVD Scavenger Hunt + a Bonus!

For all of you Sherlock's, who are on the investigation of the DVD scavenger hunt, I want to encourage you to keep trying and give you a New Clue!

Here's a little re-cap of what you are searching for:

CHALLENGE: One of my “Movie Reviews” was printed on a DVD cover, under the credit Your mission is to find that DVD and share in the comment area below:
1. Movie Title
2. Quote my Movie Review

And, here's a re-cap of 2 previous Clues, plus One more!


1. The review you are searching for is printed on an actual DVD cover. This could mean front or back.

2. This movie originally aired on the Channel that is known as: "The Heart of TV"!

3. NEW CLUE! If you have figured out the answer to Clue Number 2, then you'll want to check out what's on this channel...This Weekend!!! (May 3 - 4)


The Award is the DVD, where my review is written, plus I have added... a BONUS DVD!

*Please note: Your answer must include movie title and the quote, from the DVD. Please do not try to guess the movie, without including a quote. Any guess of the movie, without a quote, will not qualify, to be posted. Plus, please remember, you must include your E-mail Address, with your answer, in order to win the DVD. I will not post your e-mail address on-line.

Please see the original Giveaway Posting, for the rules.

Thank You to Everyone who has participated in this Mystery Challenge! Have Fun Searching!


  1. Yay! Thanks for the extra clue! :)


  2. Would the movie be in your list of movie reviews? Would your review 'on the DVD' be like a blurb like 'Best Family Film of the Summer!' by that?

    I can't believe I still can't find it! I know which station and look up which ones are on DVD, but still can't find it. :(


    1. Yes, the movie review is on my site! And, Yes, my comment is like a blurb.

      The credit under the review is:

      Just so you know - I have seen the image on-line! Hopefully that will help! : )

    2. Yes, it does! Thanks! :)


  3. I may have to give up......I looked up Personally yours, In my dreams (not out yet), accidently in love, See Jane Date, A taste of Romance, Reading writing & romance and How to fall in Love and can't seem to find a blub or review on cover. Many of the backs of dvd's I can't seem to find. ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you, EVERYONE for your Questions and Enthusiasm for this DVD Challenge.

    We now have a Winner. Please Click Here for further Details.

  5. What was the answer?

  6. Answer and Winner will be revealed on Monday! : )


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