Monday, March 31, 2014

Hallmark Channel's "When Calls the Heart" on DVD - Cherish it Forever!

Now that the first Season of "When Calls the Heart" has come to an end, you will want to re-live and cherish those wonderful "first" moments from Season 1... again and again!

See it from the start: the first day Elizabeth came to Coal Valley, the first time she met the children, Abigail Stanton, the widows, and the minors, plus the first of Elizabeth's many kitchen catastrophes, and that very first moment when Elizabeth laid eyes on Jack!

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So much has proceeded that "prelude to a kiss"! A spark was lit at that first moment, the embers were getting warmer, sometimes becoming intense, other times nearly smoldering out, until it eventually became a full flame. It's an age of innocence, a time of tragedy, a call of courage, a determined strength, and unwavering faith.

I hope the Characters of Coal Valley, in Hallmark's "When Calls the Heart have touched your hearts and lives, and will continue to do so...

When Calls the Heart "Lost and Found" DVD

The first DVD of this Family Friendly Drama Series is 1 hour and 27 minutes long. It is a blend of the first and second episodes that aired on the Hallmark Channel, with a few deleted scenes/moments, plus a special interview with Writer Janette Oke, and Producers Brian Bird and Michael Landon, Jr.

“When Calls the Heart” cast includes Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thatcher, Daniel Lissing as Jack Thornton, and Lori Loughlin as Abigail Stanton, and so many more wonderful actors!

No news, has yet to come for Season 2, but I am still holding out hope that “When Calls the Heart" will be renewed. Fans have been faithful to the series, and I know the Hallmark Channel has not only noticed, but shared in our enthusiasm.

Thank you to Everyone who Supported "When Calls the Heart"!
God Bless You!!!
*“When Calls the Heart” is a Believe Pictures and Brad Krevoy Television production.  Executive Producers are Brad Krevoy, Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., Michael Shepard, Jimmy Townsend.  Based on the novel, When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke.


  1. Net, if your blog has any credence with Hallmark then WCTH is a shoe in for a season two. Not a week went by that you didn't give us a heads up on each episode so that we couldn't wait for Saturday nights. The finale was the best and my heart tells me good news will come soon and you better believe you'll hear it first on "It's a Wonderful Movie"!!

    1. Oh, Linda, you are so Sweet! If only I knew.

      I loved your expression... "my heart tells me good news will come..." My Heart tells me the exact same thing!

      I am hopeful that the Hallmark Channel will try to work something out for "When Calls the Heart", whether it's an additional Movie or a Season 2; however, no news has come my way, as of yet!

      As soon as I do hear... I will be sure to let you all know, too! : )

      I'll do my best to report it first, but I'm sure once the word gets out, (whatever it is!), it will spread like wildfire across #Hearties fans on Twitter and Facebook!

      Thank you, Linda, for your very kind words and always, for your continued support - it truly means the world to me!!! Net

  2. I feel it in my heart, too. Now, if Hallmark would just work it out! There has to be a season 2.

  3. This has been the best new show on TV I have seen in a long time. We probably would have to go back to Dr Quinn to see something this decent and that show lasted for many seasons on a major network where family programming is typically unwanted. Thank you Hallmark Channel for airing quality family movies and tv shows. I hope you can find it in your hearts to continue When Calls the Heart for a Second Season!

    1. You are so right. It's almost hard to remember the last family drama on TV. It's wonderful to see Hallmark branch off in this area. It's obvious that viewers love it as much as they do the Hallmark Channel.

  4. It was sad to see "When Calls the Heart" come to an end. I almost couldn't enjoy all the wonderful happy moments in the finale because I kept wondering, is this it? Anyone else feel this way? Love the show so much. I hope it can continue on Hallmark.

  5. Okay...I am confused since I don't have cable tv and have to wait for this to come out on dvd. What is the difference between When Calls the Heart and When Calls the Heart Lost and Found?


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