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Friday, February 14, 2014

Remembering Ralph Waite - "Goodnight John"

I am sad to share with you all... actor Ralph Waite, the patriarch of 1970's Drama Series, The Waltons, who portrayed Daddy, John Walton, has passed away.

*TV Tributes to Ralph Waite added below.

Ralph Waite was born on June 22, 1928 and passed away
on February 13, 2014, at the age of 85.

I saw the news on-line and new it to be sadly true when I saw it confirmed by members of the "Walton family".

Here are some quotes, I have found, from "The Waltons":

Earl Hamner (creator of The Waltons series):
"I have just learned that we have lost Ralph Waite. This sudden news is shocking and heartbreaking. Ralph’s portrayal of my father on “The Waltons” was so true, so genuine and so close to the real man that it is like losing my father all over again. Actors have great gifts to give and his gift to me was an image of my father that I will cherish always. Thank you, Ralph and Good Night."
Eric Scott (Ben):
"Sad news to share. .. Ralph Waite passed away today. I will miss my other daddy. Good night Ralph."
Jon Walmsley (Jason): 
"The Waltons cast were all together for a lovely evening at Michael Learned's house in November. It was great for all of us to reconnect. Before Ralph left the party, he asked each of us what we were up to and if we were happy. I don't know if he knew this would be the last time we would see each other but I'm so glad we had the chance to spend this time together. R.I.P. Ralph Waite. ;( "

Judy Norton (Mary Ellen):
"There are no words to express the loss of Ralph Waite. My friend, my co-worker, my "Daddy". You will forever live on in my heart and in the lives of all you have touched over your lifetime. We are lucky to have known you. R.I.P - good night."

Mary McDonough (Erin):
"Missing my "Daddy." Such a good man, so talented and so funny.
Goodnight sweet Ralph."
Ralph Waite's character of John Walton is still so well known today and I think that it is because he was such a strong male role model and father figure. John Walton was a man who worked hard to make a living with wood, tools, and his hands.... and yet, he was a tender man who loved his wife, his children, his parents, and his neighbors.
Besides "The Waltons", you might also know Ralph Waite from "Cool Hand Luke", "Bonanza", "Roots", "Murder, She Wrote", "CSI : Crime Scene Investigation", "NCIS", "Letters to God", "25 Hill", Hallmark Movies: Murder 101: If Wishes were Horses, Generation Gap, and many more series, movies, and Television Appearances, including a recent "short" production on INSP, starring Ralph Waite, titled "Old Henry".
It is sad to say goodbye to one of the Walton family. So many of us have grown up watching them with our families... they feel so much like our extended family!

Our prayers go out to Ralph's family, the Walton family, and his friends.
Goodnight Ralph Waite / John Walton.
There will always be a place for you at the "Walton" table.

TV Tributes to Ralph Waite:
Sunday, February 16, 2014 at 6 PM
"The Waltons Reunion Special" 
a special episode of "The Waltons"
and "Old Henry".
Sunday, February 16, 2014:
"A Wedding on Walton's Mountain" at 9 AM
"A Walton Wedding" at 11 AM
Thursday, February 2Oth:
Two Special "Pa" Episodes of "The Waltons" at 8 PM
Hallmark Channel:
Saturday, February 22, 2014 
The Waltons Reunion Movie Marathon 1 PM - 9 PM


  1. I'm sad to hear of Ralph's passing. I have been watching The Waltons since it began and now I watch the reruns whenever I can get the chance. They feel like my family, too. I am sorry for the familys loss. Goodnight Ralph.

  2. I enjoyed reading your tribute and the comments by the Walton cast members. Thank you.

  3. I have been a Walton show fan since the very beginning. Still watch all the time especially, the holiday and wedding episodes. Such a great show and even greater cast. I will miss Ralph and what loving tributes from his "tv" family.

  4. So very sad!!! I grew up with the Walton's!!!

  5. Lovely tribute!


  6. I will sorely miss my "other Daddy" from the Walton's.. I have loved & related to Michael Learned being the wonderful, devoted Mother & I have strived to be like her over the years. I have loved watching the series for many years & have seen each episode literally hundreds of times & I still watch each one, every single day it comes on. I cry & laugh with each episode, as if it's the first time I am watching it. I love each Walton child/actor, & love keeping up with each of your personal & professional lives too.. I look for movies/programs you all star in.. You all feel like my brothers & sisters. John Boy, Mary Ellen, Jason, Erin, Ben, Jim Bob, & Elizabeth.. My heart is broken for each of you losing your Daddy Walton in his passing on.. My heart goes out to all the Walton family losing him as well as the Waite family's loss too.. I search for more Walton episodes every day & I am at a loss that insp is no longer shown on Directv in my area, so I am having trouble finding episodes to watch now.. Goodnight Daddy...Goodnight Ralph Waite..

  7. Wow, Shirley Temple, Sid Ceasar and Ralph Waite all in the same week; just a friendly reminder we're not here forever. May He comfort the families of all and the adoring follower's as well!! They have left treasures for many generations to come.

  8. And don`t forget Richard Bull , He played Mr. Olsen on Little House On The Prairie, he passed away a few weeks ago .......

  9. I sure hated hearing the bad news of Ralphs passing. I also, loved watching The Waltons, I grew up with it when it first came on and I'm still watching it, I will never grow tired of it. I love all of the cast of the waltons as if they were my family, and wished I grew up in that family and as if it was real! They all were such great actor/actresses in that show, played their parts so well, looked so real. Ralph Waite, you will be greatly missed!!

  10. I miss Grandpa Walton too!! Will Geer was so funny, and I just loved that old man as if he was my grandpa. RIP to all of the cast we have lost on "The Waltons", your are greatly missed.


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