Friday, November 22, 2013

It's a "3 Day Christmas"... Six New Christmas Movies from Friday to Sunday!

Premieres Friday on UP

Premieres Saturday on the Hallmark Channel

Premieres Saturday on Lifetime
Premieres Sunday on UP
Premieres Sunday on the Hallmark Channel

Premieres Sunday on ION
these Movies and Much More!!!


  1. As usual, most of these sound like keepers. Hallmark is such a joy this time of year - all of their programming is cute and family friendly and that means a lot! :)

  2. Kirstin's Christmas wasn't good at all! Watched maybe 2 mins before changing the channel.

    I missed Fir Crazy and the window one was ok.


  3. We were looking for a heart warming Christmas movie. We chose 3 Day Christmas - and we wished we hadn't. Christmas is only incidental in this movie. It is a poor man's version of home alone - I have seen home alone many times, and would have preferred watching that again to 3 day Christmas. We have to pay per movie, so if you do too - skip this one. In fact, even if it is on free tv, skip this one.


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