Friday, July 19, 2013

"Anne of Green Gables" Movie Marathon on INSP!

Spend your Sunday Afternoon and Evening
with a true Kindred Spirit,
Anne Shirley.

Watch as she grows and blossoms from an orphan girl, into a young lady, and eventually becomes a Bride, a Writer, and a Mother.

The Marathon of "Anne" Movies
begins July 21, 2013 at noon on INSP!
Anne of Green Gables ... 12 PM
Anne of Green Gables: Anne of Avonlea ...  4 PM
Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story ...  9 PM
Don't be late -
or Anne may have to break a slate over your head.
(just kidding!!!)

-If you are interested in "Anne of Green Gables" DVDs
or other products, please visit - here.


  1. I love, love, love this series!


  2. I absolutely adore Anne...all the books and the first 2 movies. Never saw the third because I heard it wasn't as good.

    1. Yes, to be honest, the third movie is not as wonderful as the first two films, however there are such beautiful moments in it, too, that totally make it worth watching.

      Megan Follows is the perfect Anne Shirley and to see her in the role is always something to cherish!

      Best Moments: Anne & Diana together again, with Special appearances of childhood friends... Moody, Josie, and of course, Gilbert, Anne gets married!, and Anne returns to Green Gables, with a very beautiful (tissues required!) moment where she remembers Matthew and Marilla.

      For any "Anne Fan"... I feel it's a Must See!


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