Friday, June 21, 2013

Ideas for the First Day or any Day of Summer!

Ready or Not, Here it Comes!!!
Summer is here (as of Friday, June 21st) and it's a wonderful time to soak up every precious moment!

Here are some fun Summer Ideas:

*Have a Picnic (Pack something simple and be sure not to invite the ants or bees!)

*Bike Ride (wear helmets / safety gear and choose a safe location, it's also great fun and exercise!)

*Camping (be sure to bring proper equipment and snacks!)

*Enjoy Outdoor Activities as a Family (such as: Corn Hole, Horse Shoes, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Swimming, etc...)

*Gather around a Fire-pit or Bon-fire (be sure to keep children a safe distance from fire, sparks, and matches, bring a songbook or simply have sharing or story time)

*Plant a Garden or some flowers in your yard

*Have Family Movie Night (of course, I had to include this! Maybe choose a Camp or Summer-themed Film to get you in the spirit!)

*Take a Simple Drive around your hometown (point out and visit special places!)

*Plan a Road Trip

*Get tickets to The Symphony or an Outdoor Concert

*Visit a Museum

*Visit your Local Fair / Festival / Amusement Park

*Go to the Beach

*Go Sailing (be sure to wear a Life-Jacket)

*Visit the Zoo

*Plan a Scavenger Hunt

*Visit the Road not Taken

*Go Hiking / Walk Trails (choose safe locations, go in groups, and bring water!)

*Plan a Slumber Party for Girls or a Campout for Boys!

*Check out your local Farmers Market (fresh food is always the best food!)

*Shop at an Outdoor Mall

*Check out local Garage Sales and Flea Markets (anothers mans trash is another mans treasure!)

*Relax at the end of the day with a good book

*Have Devotional or Scripture Reading Time

*Start a Puzzle, Chess Game, Board Game, or other Activity for Rainy Days

*Bake or Make something special for family members

*Visit Family or Friends you haven't seen in a while

*Have a BBQ with the neighbors

*Make Popcicles, Lemonade, or your own Ice Cream

*And, after you do all that, you'll need to... Plan a Vacation!

Please be careful and safe in whatever activities and plans you make for your Summer Vacation. These are just some ideas. Please use your own judgement in choosing what suits you best, or your family.

If you like any of these ideas, have any other ideas, or would like to share something special that you do - please share in comments below!

Have a Wonderful Summer, Everyone!

(*Images via: Magnamail Blogspot- Picnic Tips, UVM Career Services Blog, Red Bee Media, 3wordsfor365, She Knows Celebrations)


  1. can you post more pix and details about Hallmark Movie Channel's 'Friend Request' (with Erin Krakow)?

  2. Great Tips! Our family hasn't been camping in a long while. Your post has encouraged me to gether the family together to do that sometime soon. We all need to get away!

    1. That sounds great! Being together outdoors is a great way to disconnect from Electronics and re-connect as a Family!

    2. That's exactly right. THANK YOU! Hope you have a nice Summer, too.


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