Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hallmark Channel Premieres it's first January Movie!

It is incredible to me ~ that we are already in January! My goodness... the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years... just flew by - like Santa’s sleigh in the sky!

Like many of you, I cherish this Season and look forward to this Wonderful Time of the Year and try to hold onto it as long as I can! Even on December 26th, I am always looking forward immediately to the next Christmas and all the excitement, lights, movies, and joy – that it brings!!!

During the Christmas Season, our TV was definitely on the Hallmark Channel more than any other station.... so we Thank You, again, Hallmark Channel - for all your great coverage of Christmas Movies!!!... however we do miss you playing: A Boyfriend for Christmas, A Grandpa for Christmas, Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus, and Meet the Santas – all great Family Christmas Movies! Is there any possible way, you could bring those 4 movies back?

As of this first weekend in January, the Hallmark Channel will start to air non-Holiday Original Movies, starting with: "The Seven Year Hitch". This movie first premiered on the Hallmark Movie Channel in October. I am excited to see Hallmark share their Movies from their Movie Channel!

This movie, "The Seven Year Hitch", stars Natalie Hall, who you may remember from the wonderful Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie, “Love’s Christmas Journey”.

Hallmark Channel
January 5, 2013

Check the Family TV Schedule for times airing
and more Original Movies!

*See the The Seven Year Hitch page
for more Pictures and Plot details!

Enjoy your weekend and next Family Movie Night...
As the credits roll, I hope you can say –
“It’s a Wonderful Movie!”


  1. So looking forward to seeing this one - it's on DVD this spring. March, I think! It sounds so cute. :)

  2. A Grandpa for Christmas was on Starz and A Boyfriend for Christmas was on Lifetime. I don't think Hallmark can show those movies.

  3. To Rissi,

    Thank you for including the DVD info! It looks like a real cute movie. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to catch it over the weekend and let you know!

    To Anonymous,

    You are so right!!! Yes, "A Boyfriend for Christmas" & "Single Santa" were both on Lifetime and "Grandpa" was on Starz.

    I imagine the Hallmark Channel, who originally made these movies, sold the rights to these three movies... and I'm just hoping when that purchase agreement expires, they will bring them back to their network!

  4. December 26th? Don't you mean Jan 6th> That's when Christmas properly ends ;)

    I love this blog.

  5. 3 out of the 4 of the movies mentioned aired in the UK. Boyfriend For Christmas didn't make it this year.

    Grandpa for Christmas had repeat runs and I had the pleasure of watching this fantastic film recently on my 'tivo' setup. A good choice of movie to watch in memorium of the recently departed Ernest Borgnine.


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