Saturday, September 15, 2012

Update to Hallmark Movies

The Hallmark Movie "The Seven Year Hitch", starring Natalie Hall, has changed its Movie Title. It was originally titled: Common Law. This Movie will air on the Hallmark MOVIE Channel on October 13, 2012.

The Hallmark Movie "I Married Who", starring Kellie Martin, has changed its premiere date. It will now premiere on October 20, 2012. Also, it was to originally air on the Hallmark MOVIE Channel, but it will now air on the Hallmark Channel.

*See the "The Seven Year Hitch" Page for more details!
*See the "I Married Who" Page for more details!

-Pictures via Hallmark Channel Crown Media.


  1. I want both of these to appear on DVD - like, yesterday. :-)

  2. You spelled its wrong. It should be its, no apostraphe, to mean possesive. It's is short for it is. ;-)

  3. Rissi - I agree with you... they both look so cute! DVD please Hallmark!!!

    Robin - Of course, the "its" written above didn't need an apostrophe. Thank you for catching this error. It is fixed now.


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