Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Christmas Movie Trivia with Answers!

Hallmark Channel "Christmas Movie Trivia"


1. In the "Mrs. Miracle" Movies, what is Mrs. Miracle's real name?

Mrs. Merkle

2. In "A Princess for Christmas", what antique piece does Jules break at Castlebury Hall?


3. In "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", what item of clothing does Morgan say woman don't wear enough of?


4. In "Annie Claus is Coming to Town", what is the name of the orphan boy that Dean says he has been helping?

Charlie Brownstone

5. In "The Christmas Card", what is engraved on the gift that Cody gives Faith's parents?

Where the Magic Begins

6. In "Holiday Engagement", what Thanksgiving Dish is Hillary's Mother hoping that Jason will like?


7. In "Call Me Mrs. Miracle", what is Holly's favorite Monopoly piece?


8. In "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", what is the name of Brian's turtle?


9. In "Moonlight and Mistletoe", what does Nick create on-line, with Holly's help, in order to spread the word about Santaville?


10. In "The Night before the Night before Christmas", the daughter, Hannah, had hoped for a camera - last year for Christmas, but instead she received what?

Hamburger Phone

11. In "The Christmas Card", what is Faith's special nickname, that her Uncle has given her.


12. In "Holiday Engagement", what is Hillary's favorite Christmas Song?

Angels we have Heard on High

13. In "Annie Claus is Coming to Town", what name also means - My One True Love?


14. In "The Town Christmas Forgot", what barnyard animal is a part of the Christmas Pageant?


15. In "A Princess for Christmas", who does the family find at the Christmas Tree, after the ball?

Santa Claus

Thank You to everyone who participated in the Challenge. The winner... (drumroll please!)... was K.M.S.! Congratulations - you really know your Christmas Movie Trivia!

God bless us, Everyone!

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