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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hallmark "Movie" Channel - still waiting for Standard Version on DirecTV

March 9, 2011

I have personally wanted to have the Hallmark "Movie" Channel  for years. Every time I call my Cable provider - DirecTV, and request this station - they tell me I already have the Hallmark Channel - and I have to say, Yes, I know - I want the Hallmark MOVIE Channel (HMC).

Then, they tell me... it is available through DirecTV - if you own the HD receiver and have a High Def TV, which of course, costs more. I just wish they could work out a deal and offer it through regular DirecTV packages in simulcast SD (Standard Definition) - since Hallmark "Movie" Channel is available this way through other cable providers - DISH, Sky Angel, Cablevision, Verizon, etc...

According to a recent press release from Hallmark, HMC has reached a new milestone of 40 million subscribers. (according to Nielsen) “Hallmark Movie Channel’s continued success in distribution growth reflects the tremendous value of the Hallmark brand and the demand for more family friendly content,” noted Bill Abbott, President & CEO, Crown Media Holdings, Inc.

HMC is so appealing to me, due to it's family-friendly programming. I was disappointed that I could not see the Christmas Movies they aired each day in the afternoons at Christmastime and two of their new original movies - After the Fall and Goodnight for Justice.

I also know... many of you, who have AT&T U-verse have had trouble not receiving, even the Hallmark Channel. Has that issue been resolved, yet?

I am glad to have the Hallmark Channel, yet I am still waiting and hoping to get the Hallmark Movie Channel. It would be especially wonderful to have it by next Christmas! Do any of you have or want HMC? If you do, do you and your family enjoy it?


  1. Just received an e-mail from a blog Friend, who also wishes she could get Hallmark Movie Channel. She let me know it is not available through Comcast, either in SD - so I'm removing it from the list above.

  2. I too have DirecTV and they tell me the same thing. HMC is only available in the HD package, and they charge you at least $100 for the HD DVR and it still isn't yours. Even if you pay the full price of $299.99 it still isn't yours, and that's why I won't do it. Plus, it's an additional $10 per month for the HD channels. And they tell me it's not available to them as an SD channel, and I know that isn't true, because I got in touch with the people from HMC, and they said DTV just won't pay for it, but it is available. I would pay an additional $2 or $3 a month to receive it. That's not a problem, but I'm not paying them $100 for a piece of equipment that still isn't mine, and then pay them an additional $10 a month for their HD package. :( They have us over a barrel and it's not right.

  3. I was excited when I saw the Hallmark Movie Channel pop up on my TV, we do have DirecTV HD. I had read that the channel carried a large library of classic Disney films. After having had the channel for a while I can tell you that they run the same small menu of films over and over again. There isn't much variety in their schedule. They often devote a day or two a week to Matlock, Murder She Wrote or some of their own original mystery movie franchises. The network did not live up to the promise that I had hoped for when I head read about it initinaly.

  4. Our family loves the Hallmark Movie Channel. We know there is always something family friendly on there for us to watch. Plus, it's great to catch Hallmark Movies on there that I sometimes miss the first time they are aired on the Hallmark Channel. Lately, the Hallmark Channel hasn't played movies - just sitcoms and dramas - so it's good to have the Hallmark Movie Channel - to watch good movies on there all day long... if we want to!

  5. I am one of the 40 million who have HMC! We LOVE it! It is far greater than most of the other channels we receive. WE love Hallmark and family films - so it is great!

  6. The Hallmark Movie Channel is one of the few channels my parents let us watch freely. I am 11, but my older brothers and sisters like it, too. My Mother wants me to also say thank you for letting us know about new Hallmark Movies and other Family Movies, too. God Bless You.

  7. I love the Hallmark Movie Channel and was very excited to have it before I upgraded to HD. I'm sorry to hear that you're not able to watch it right now. Have you perhaps considered a switch to DISH Network? As a DISH customer/employee I can tell you that only DISH can give you the lowest all-digital price, including HD free for life (when you're ready for HD). And we have HMC! I highly suggest checking DISH out :)

  8. I would like to have hallmark movie channel, but I like the mystery shows such as murder she wrote, perry mason, etc, but they come on real late at night. They have mostly movies during the day which I do not care about. I wish they would show some of the mystery shows during th day.

  9. I am another one who isn't happy with directv. We called the other day too switch our packet over; and the woman on the other line- stated that we'd be also getting the HMC and when; she said that. We said we would take it. We would have kept our other packet if she wouldn't have said those words. Seeing, that the packet was only two bucks different. Directv lies out their ---------- . And they knew we DO NOT the HD

    1. Thank you, Jynnette for sharing your experience with DirecTV with us. I do know how hard it is for many customers to try to get the stations they want, all the while paying for so many other stations we don't want... and so many we never watch. Please note: I did edit one small part of your comment. I hope you understand. I simply replaced one word with dashes. I know you are speaking out of frustration and with a strong desire to get this channel. In the past, when I have spoken to them, many reps don't even understand the difference between the Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. You would think they would at least be well advised and in the know on all the channels they provide, but typically I have to tell them about the channel and educate them myself. I hope you can eventually get it straightened out.


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