Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin -- my view on the VP candidate + Who I'm Voting for...

Today, I'm veering off of the usual subject of Family Movies. Even though, I just updated the Christmas TV Schedule, I'm not going to discuss that today.

I'm very excited to share with you all... that I attended a Sarah Palin Rally and it was wonderful! I went with my family and just had the best time. We wore red to show our support- to make our state stay RED! Sarah's message rang out loud and clear and I am proud to be a McCain Palin Supporter... a true Conservative.

I met wonderful kind people at the rally and was able to wave outside, alongside my family, as her motorcade went by - about 10 feet away! It was an awesome moment... a part of history I'll cherish forever.

Some of you who read this may also support the McCain Palin ticket (that's Great!) and others may not, but I'd like to share with you all why I support John McCain and Sarah Palin for President and Vice President of the United States.

1. I am Pro-Life

I believe Life begins at conception, as John McCain and Sarah Palin believe. Barack Obama's answer to when life begins: It's above his pay-grade.

Also, as a State Senator in the state of Illinois- Barack Obama voted 4 TIMES against providing medical care for babies who survived abortions and were fully alive and out of their Mother's womb. Instead, these babies were left to die in soiled utility rooms. He supported infanticide. This matter is very upsetting and horrible. These poor innocent lives were left to just die - often alone. It's sad and cruel to think there is any human being who could support such a thing - yet Barack Obama did. (You can read more about it at

Obama is Pro-Abortion to the extreme. Barack Obama supports Partial Birth Abortion... this is the procedure where they stabb half-born babies (with their head still in their Mother's Womb) in their neck with scissors, suctioning out their brains and crushing their skulls. President Bush signed a law to pro-hibit this action... Obama wants to reverse it.

Barack Obama opposes parental notification of minor girls before they abort their baby.

Barack Obama has stated “the first thing I’d do as president“ would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would overturn every local, state, and federal abortion law passed in the past 35 years.

The Bible says this....
"I knew you before you were in your Mother's Womb." - Jeremiah 1:5

Wake up America... we cannot keep killing the weakest among us! We cannot continue to slaughter 5,000 babies in this Country everyday and look the other way.

What will God say to you...

Thank You for Voting and standing up for my Babies

or will he say...

Why did you Vote to kill my Babies?

2. I believe in Less Government

Conservative values say Government get out of the way... I can handle it myself... I'll work hard, love my neighbor, and provide for my family.

A Liberal view is that we are helpless and we need their hand-out... thus the reason why John McCain supports TAX CUTS for everyone and why Barack Obama believes, as he shared with Joe the Plumber, that we need to "Spread the Wealth Around". Sounds like socialism to me, too, Joe.

My family owns a small business... (we are a family of hardwoking generational farmers) and we work hard for every penny. We live the American Dream, but higher taxes would hurt us.

It's important that we keep America and businesses - (big and small) strong especially in this tough economy. Business is what this country is founded - where our people are employed and where we get our goods and services. They have to have tax cuts to keep this Country Strong!

3. National Security
I agree strongly with John McCain and Sarah Palin... we need VICTORY in Iraq. Barack Obama wants to pull out as soon as possible.

And nevermind the fact that Obama wants to sit down with dictators like the Iran, Cuban, and Venezualan Preidents without pre-conditions. This is unprecendented in American History.

Obama has also said that Iran is a small country and not a threat to us... yet they are busy building up their weapons against us.

Scary? I believe.... yes!

During the Tom Harkin Fish Frye where the National Anthem was sung - Obama was the only candidate there - who did not place his hand over his heart. This action is disgraceful, in my opinion.

I was always taught - when the anthem played- you show respect and place your hand on your heart. This is another reason why I like Sarah Palin - she said she still gets a lump in her throat whenever she hears it.

I love my Country, our Troops, and I cherish everything about America!

John McCain is an American Hero! He has served our country since the age of 17. He was a Navy Pilot who survived a terrible fire on his aircraft carrier where many men perished. He was shot down in his plane and became a POW for over 5 years. He was beaten severely... near death many times... nearly every bone in his body was broken. Yet, John McCain survived and came home in honor and continued to serve his country.

Well, that's three reasons... but I have plenty more -- including Energy Independence, The Definition of Marriage, and Experience- I believe John McCain has the experience and knowledge to be a Great President!

Well, now you know where I stand...

with the unborn, our veterans, our troops, our small business owners, and with you, my fellow American....

Choose Life -- That you might Live!

Until next time...

God bless you all,

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